Vivid Strike Promo Video 1

The Vivid-Strike website has been updated. A new video has been added. Enjoy!

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9 Responses to Vivid Strike Promo Video 1

  1. CybeastGregarX says:

    It looks so beautiful and awesome, I cannot wait to watch it. And considering the hair style that Nove has I’m going to guess that this is the replacement for Force, which isn’t a bad thing. :3


  2. Ice says:

    I can’t watch this, becuz of Germany


  3. KurogamiKazuya says:

    Try this site:
    Should work for you since Nanaone is a german site anyway.


  4. Ice says:

    I luv u


  5. Bossjoe says:

    am I correct in assuming, after watching the first episode, that this takes place after Vivid storyline? As They mentioned the world champion being crowned, they have there own gym and the new characters I don’t recognize. If so this is kind of messed up…. I thought the Vivid Manga was not complete yet and this kinda ruins some things for me.


  6. guy says:

    It looks to be set maybe a year after the current point in the translation of the manga; I think we’ve met all the characters except the two brand-new leads.


  7. Random Fan says:

    Within a couple years of the manga anyway. The closest they give for age is the “under 15” competitor category.


  8. Random Fan says:

    Also, Vivio especially seems significantly taller in this, so I’m guessing closer to 2-3 years than ‘a year’.


  9. Bossjoe says:

    So yeah, basically this had some spoilers in it. Also if it is 1-2 years after Vivid then this would explain the lack of other characters in the show as it would be same time frame as Force correct?


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