Innocent Scanlation Revived by AriteDrop

If you’ve been waiting for more Nanoha Innocent but didn’t know where the next chapter would be coming from, well, we finally have our answer.

A first timer by the name AriteDrop has just released Innocent chapter 9. Go show some support and dive right back into the AU that stole our hearts.

EDIT: Link to non-mobile version.

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3 Responses to Innocent Scanlation Revived by AriteDrop

  1. Multy7 says:

    Thanks, that’s good to know. Let’s hope this guy is serous. He’s also asking for pointers on typesetting, maybe you can collaborate, help him with better raws or QC and whatnot.


  2. art248 says:

    alright. thx for the heads up.
    nice to see more ppl coming forward to help out


  3. Alex says:

    So there isn’t going to be any lyrical nanoha force chapters anymore the manga has a good story and a lot left untold why can’t you’ll finish this manga for the people who want to finish it I’m a lyrical nanoha fan who read every manga being it raw or English and saw episode to play all the games I want to see how both vivid and force end


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