Spending Time with the Yagami Family – Movie A La Carte 6

Malc-Family-previewYou just can’t sneak up on Vita like that. But more importantly, Hayate needs her family now more than ever. In this cute and comedic short, the Wolkenritter must help Hayate accept that it is now time to bring a new member into their family.

Nanoha The Movie A La Carte 6

Download can be found here.

Translator: Kinsei
Raws: N3TT
Cleaner: Crazy Hat
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, cthulhupdc
Editor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

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4 Responses to Spending Time with the Yagami Family – Movie A La Carte 6

  1. art248 says:

    thx for the release 😀


  2. I love the simple chibi style of this….


  3. yoyo says:

    thanks, it is very funny although I don’t understand how the first page is connected to the others pages.


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    That first page is just Vita sharing her concerns about Hayate with Nanoha before we actually switch to the Yagami family and see how they’re dealing with things. 🙂


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