Strengthening Bonds in Movie A La Carte 3


After their initial defeat at the hands of the Wolkenritter, Fate is having an internal crisis about what happened, about how she failed to protect Nanoha. With Bardiche and Raising Heart still out for repairs, Fate deals with her feelings the only way she can. Can Nanoha help her through this?

Today’s Movie A La Carte installment is a heartwarming but emotional and insightful story of Nanoha and Fate becoming closer and sharing what they felt in their most trying times.

Movie A La Carte’s 3rd story
If We’re Together

Translation: Kinsei
Raw Scanning: N3TT
Cleaning/Type-Setting: Tori Karaage
Proofreading: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Project Lead: PrimeSonic

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17 Responses to Strengthening Bonds in Movie A La Carte 3

  1. yoyo says:

    In the manga they always laughing on Nanoha that she is weak/bad in sport- But I think that it is mistake – if you consider from which family she came …. – at max she should be physically weak compare to her Sibling but above normal peoples – she just hides it 😉


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Let’s see, she comes from a family of ninjas, so there’s got to some truth to this.


  3. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    Just because she comes from a family of ninjas doesn’t mean she was raised as one. Shiro was retired at that point and I doubt he wanted to expose his youngest to that world. There was that one scene where Nanoha asked to watch Miyuki train, and Miyuki was fairly surprised by that. Tells me she doesn’t train at all.


  4. yoyo says:

    Let me just say that the fact – that the masters of matirial-art who training under her brother- say that Nanoha is scary when she angry ( because they fighting insted of serve in the cofe-shop) -teach us that she (Nanoha ) was well trained – and even discipline those masters of matirial-art

    all of this you can see in the orginal – sweet songs – ( the orginal game- and a little in the OVAs like Triangle Heart )


  5. yoyo says:

    And 1 more thing – Miyuki was surprised to see Nanoha so early in the morning – and was worried since Nanoha looked to her as if she didn’t sleep all night due to mental problem –
    Miyuki just wondered – why Nanoha would want to see the sets of training that they consider as boring ( If both of them consider those particular training sets as boring you can guess that Nanoha and Miyuki have ( and consider) others sets of training as an interesting for them – from here you can do 1+1 and understand what I mean 😉


  6. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    “that the masters of matirial-art who training under her brother- say that Nanoha is scary when she angry”

    That has nothing to do with her physical prowess, though. Akira and Ren fear her because she can give them quite the tongue lashing.

    “why Nanoha would want to see the sets of training that they consider as boring”

    In general watching people train is boring, period. This doesn’t just apply to those who’ve done the exercises thousands of times.

    Anyways, Nanoha is consistently shown to be bad at sports so just take it at face value. And why don’t I hear anyone go “Suzuka can’t be bad at math because she’s rich and therefore can get expert tutors!”


  7. yoyo says:

    Suzuka wasn’t bad in math thanks to xpert tutors!- after all she bacame one of the best student at university.
    When Nanohe was 8 years old -in sweet song period – Akira and Ren got into a fight with their real power and destroyed the dining room at Takamachi house – and Nanoha got between them and stop them – I think that a person need unique physical strength to stop them and them between to people that the shock-wave of their punch is strong enough to send people flying a few meters or destroyin chairs and tables- and stop them from destroying the all Takamachi house– and – don’t forget – the all IDEA in this series is that the Takamachi have a special treat that make them Exceptional – like – the normal rules of time and space don’t valid on them -Kyouya used a skilled which allowing him to shorten the distance and slower the time.
    there are many examples like that with Nanoha


  8. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    No, Suzuka (age 9) is terrible at math. They even said she’s terrible at everything except sports.

    Nanoha is 12 in TH. Shiro is dead in that timeline and Kyoya’s always off being the hero so it’s not like there’s anyone to train her. As I said before, they don’t want that sort of life for her anyways and she’s never shown much of an interest in it. There are plenty of other reasons to fear a person outside of them being able to beat you up.


  9. art248 says:

    thx for this chapter 😀
    i liked the image used for this chapter XD

    fairly interesting stuff on the characters =p


  10. PrimeSonic says:

    It seemed like the most representative set of panels to really hook in the reader. 🙂


  11. yoyo says:

    I talked about the original/first sweet songs TH – when Nanoha is 8 years old – and Fiasse was living in the Takamachi house – in the manga there are a few contradictions from the series – since it created by other peoples
    I talked about the ORIGINALS !!!

    that the reason that I wrote in the beginning – that in the MANGA they always laughing on the characters


  12. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    The manga page I linked is an official A’s tie in manga written by Tsuzuki, so yeah, anything in it is official (the A la Carte stuff is a different matter). We can’t really say much about Triangle Hearts since it’s not available in english (outside the OVA).

    The fact remains that Nanoha has never exhibited any kind of physical ability not attributed to her magic training. Innocent is the only title that does, but even then she still sucks at exercise.


  13. yoyo says:

    It is 1:30 AM – so I only write this – about Innocent – they said that she bad at normal exercise – but it is a fact that she hides her abilities their – You can conclude this from the chapter, which the picture you post is taken from.

    Even in the official mangas there are some contradictions to the series (which why I don’t trust so much in the manga)

    and by the way you can find many site in english and videos about Triangle Hearts (the videos not in english but you can wacth- only if you interest -well I personally played the game…)


  14. art248 says:

    hahahaha i suppose it is. especially the look on Fate’s face XD\


  15. Kliko says:

    “all of this you can see in the orginal – sweet songs – ( the orginal game- and a little in the OVAs like Triangle Heart )”
    It’s strange.
    You say that official manga brings contradictions, but you are using completely outdated info coming from some past h-anime and eroge which has nothing to do with current world setting or majority of characters of current Nanoha series, aside of few getting same designs and names.
    It’s kinda weak reasoning.
    You can’t use content from such work to say that character in new AU spin-off which became main series is like this and that for sure.
    It’s like using Fate Prototype to describe Fate Stay Night content which is kinda silly.


  16. yoyo says:

    the manga brings contradictions to the series but TH don’t (aside their father)


  17. Kliko says:

    Manga brings contradictions not to Nanoha current core series which are main canon thing now for everything set with and after season 1(manga is supplementary to them), but to past TH content.
    And that’s normal by the way, cause TH is in no way canon anymore, everything you wrote about Nanoha character was about TH “Nanoha” and her family then, which has nothing in common with current Nanoha aside of character design and name, even her behaviour and personaity is a bit different, not mentioning her whole family and friends background.
    That’s way I said it was silly from your side to bring TH into current Nanoha discussion cause it has nothing to do with them.


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