Merchandise Alert – Einhart Stratos by Alter goes on Pre-order

Looking to expand your collection of ViVid merchandise? Well, Alter has finally released for pre-order their 1/7th scale PVC Einhart Stratos with Asteion. Finally, it’s been well over a year since Alter gave us Vivio. Now at long last we can complete the set.

Recommended sites for purchase:

Einhart Stratos – Hobby_Search – AmiAmi

Vivio TakamachiHobby_SearchAmiAmiYesAsia
(ViVid era)

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5 Responses to Merchandise Alert – Einhart Stratos by Alter goes on Pre-order

  1. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    The Amiami link for Vivio is sold out, so it’s not much use ^^”


  2. primesonic says:

    It wasn’t sold out when I posted this. Just goes to show how fast they go when there’s incentive.
    Added another link of use but it’s been almost 18 months since that figure first went on pre-order.
    I’d say most everyone who wanted one already got it. 😛


  3. CybeastGregarX says:

    YES!!! Finally an Einhart figure! Now my Vivio won’t be lonely! 😀 Oh but wait…. what about Corona, Rio, and Muira? As well as their Adult forms and barrier jackets? :/


  4. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    Hey, where did my first post go?

    Well, Vivio’s already got an adult form figure, at least (which I own). But yeah, there’s an order to these things so we probably won’t be seeing any of the other girls for awhile. Most of the figure lines are still focused on the movies.


  5. CybeastGregarX says:

    Yeah Vivio does have an adult form figure which I own as well, but I mean the Vivid adult form and not the one from StrikerS and once those figures are out I am SO buying them.


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