Doki’s subs for The Movie 2nd A’s are up

A sort of personal recommendation. I’ve been following Doki for all their Nanoha related releases since they began.

Now, shame on me. I can’t believe I didn’t see this is my feeds sooner. Downloading as I type this; Doki released their polished/improved subs last week. What you can expect:

I have provided 2 subtitle streams in the releases. Default has the 2 insert songs subbed. The alternate sub track is for those who prefer insert songs unsubbed. ED1 and ED2 are subbed in both tracks.

A 1080p version is on its way as well. already available!
Those are likely to be the versions I’ll be archiving personally (beyond the limited edition DVD that I’m due to receive next week)

So if you didn’t already see this, go get your improved Movie 2nd A’s subs and pass on the message.

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3 Responses to Doki’s up the subs on The Movie 2nd A’s

  1. random says:

    I already watched Commie’s and there was nothing wrong with it. Plus I don’t like Doki since they do British English for everything.


  2. primesonic says:

    Thanks for sharing??


  3. Ali says:

    Thanks for the information. Doki sub is better than the one I watched before in quality. I like it better.


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