Happy Birthday Nanoha ~Here’s your gift of ViVid

It’s March 15th and as many of you know, Nanoha fans the world over are celebrating the birthday of the magical girl that Divine-Busted straight into our hearts. So let’s celebrate together.

From small beginningsYou've come so far

So how can you get your party on for the occasion. Well, why not get a cake? Maybe rewatch an episode or movie. Maybe sing her a happy birthday. Or maybe read the latest chapter of ViVid where Nanoha herself shows us the kind and caring mother she’s become over the years. Whatever you do, have a fantastic time.

Thanks to everyone on the ViVid Translations team for their hard work and thank you all for doing your part in making this world just a little more ViVid.

Translator: Kinsei
Cleaners: Crazy Hat
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Editor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Coordinator: PrimeSonic

EDIT: Here is the fix’d page 6.
36_06Here’s the whole chapter just in case.

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22 Responses to Happy Birthday Nanoha ~Here’s your gift of ViVid

  1. Ali says:

    lovely chapter. Thanks! 🙂


  2. Ichigo69 says:

    Sorry this is about 5 weeks after the fact >_<. I just saw it posted on Dynasty's reader which reminded me of the fact that I'd said something about it here.

    I've been an editor for various things for a long time, now. I've also been scanlating since 2005 or so and have seen lots of stuff, so I'm not just some fly-by-night person who just says stuff of the top of my head.

    I did forgot the ー after ハリ in my original post, that was my bad. But yes, as somebody who looks for both consistency in translations and also translations that make sense while keeping meaning, it probably IS the fact that, while there MIGHT be a female person somewhere named "Harry" it is most likely VERY RARE. I've actually been tempted to tweet Tsuzuki-sensei and actually ask him about it, but I've been bogged down w/ other stuff, and he's probably busy with more important things anyway…

    The Nanoha wikia, which is by no means official, should be treated like wikipedia itself, i.e: it doesn't get everything right. However, it DOES say, correctly so, that there is no official romanisation to her name. It actually suggests a couple of things, one of which I didn't even think of: Hallie, which is actually the best one I've seen. Given that, I have nfi why fandoms (god I hate that word) insist on things like calling girls Harry, etc.

    Two interesting web sites I found are:
    http://www.babynamespedia.com/meaning/Harry/m and
    Even when it was most popular as a girl's name in 1929, it was STILL only 0.005% of all girls' names. I guess I would've just said, "F the Nanoha Wikia. We're going with Hari or Hallie".
    (not that you're gonna change anything, b/c you've got your mind made up and you're the ones scanlating it, but it's just kinda irritating to me when things that SEEM obvious to most everybody evidently aren't. Sigh…)


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