Because we have to Force in another gift on this day


Our collab with ZSS continues as we bring to you Nanoha Force chapter 23.

Make sure you send these guys some love and many NanoNano birthday wishes.

Raws, QC: Tori_Karaage
Translator: Kinsei
Proofreader: Cthuhludpc
Typesetter: Setsuna F Seiei
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10 Responses to Because we have to Force in another gift on this day

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  2. torikaraage says:

    Huckebein! Huckebein! Huckebein!
    err… Your post is much more eloquent than mine.


  3. primesonic says:

    But yours has 60% more fangasms ^_^


  4. Ichigo69 says:

    Really, guys….
    Harry is a boy’s name short for Harrison.
    ハリ would be Hari (which also happens to be a girl’s name)
    ハーリー would be Harry (also would be contextually a boy).
    Yes, I know Japanese can’t into names, but that’s usually “Charles” that gets feminised. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Japanese feminise “Harry”.


  5. Ichigo69 says:

    And I TOTALLY posted that under the wrong thread OTL


  6. primesonic says:

    It’s okay. We all make mistakes ^_^¡


  7. Evan Banks says:

    Thank you, Vivid Translations for the new chapter.


  8. CybeastGregarX says:

    Thank ZSS Scans too.


  9. CybeastGregarX says:

    That was awesome. Also when I first saw Quinn I thought she had silver hair and that sniper girl at blonde hair until I read that Movie 2nd thing which was in color I was surprised that I was wrong and half right but that Quinn had blonde hair while the snipe girl had silver hair O_o


  10. Ali says:

    Many thanks!


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