ViVid Memory; 22 : Top Fighter!!

Black Rock Shooter


ViVid 23

I did say I might release everything on a bulk. But I just can’t resist making you guys wait for a bit more. So here I present to you, Vivid Chapter 22! I was hoping to release it with Chapter 23 so yeah =/

Also, does anyone of you know where I can get the Japanese Raws for Chapter 23? I need it so I can correct Micaiah’s skills, and I haven’t corrected that one from Chapter 21 at all. Due to the lack of Japanese raws once more. So if anyone of you, knows where I can get Japanese raws, please do share!

Thanks for patiently waiting guys! More releases soon! =D – Satsuki


Mediafire | Megaupload


P.S. Victoria x Sieglinde ❤

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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29 Responses to ViVid Memory; 22 : Top Fighter!!

  1. orange03 says:

    That was definitely fast. Thank you!


  2. kirindas says:

    Thank you!


  3. Esta says:

    Uhm… Great one. Probably. I know you can read japanese, yeah. But some of us mortals can’t. So pleeeeaaase… translate chapters 13-15. Personally, i can’t just skip some chaps, so i’m still stuck on ch12. =(


  4. malekith says:

    esta check mangafox someone else translated those chps ages ago


  5. Esta says:

    Really? Thanks. I don’t use online readers, so it’s news to me.


  6. Esta says:

    Ugh… Image quality on mf is still crappy, nothing changed. Thanks anyway.


  7. orange03 says:

    Don’t worry, we are indeed translating them. Hold on for a bit! Soon! =D I’m really sorry about that. but like malekith said, there’s 12 – 15 in mangafox. And we did those as well, but we have no downloads, because those were low in quality. Soon! I promise! =D


  8. Jimmy C says:

    A suggestion, please don’t use semicolons in your filenames, it can cause the filename to be truncated.


  9. orange03 says:

    In some ways, I doubt it. You’re the only person who had ever complained about it. Almost all of our releases has had semicolons in their folder names. And so far lyrical cn’s as well (which I always download as well). Maybe your download was incomplete in some way?

    In any case, it won’t hurt to remove the semicolons on next release I guess. =D


  10. Jimmy C says:

    I download’s releases too. They don’t use semicolons in their filenames.


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    Ooh, this looks like it’ll get interesting as the girls move up the ladder.
    Did I mention how much I love you guys today? Cause I do. ^u^


  12. CybeastGregarX says:

    when i first saw Sieglinde jogging in her hoodie all those chapters ago i excepted her with short hair but when I saw her hair and her face i fell in love but my heart belongs to Subaru or Nove. not to mention I didn’t except her personality to be as it is too and how does all that hair fit in that hood?

    oh and quick question that might be pointless will you be subbing the previous chapters if possible? forgive my curiosity


  13. orange03 says:

    Yes. We are currently preparing to release 13 – 16 soon. =D Please wait for a bit more. ;D and yes, I thought the same. xP


  14. orange03 says:

    I did not, until now. ;D. Thank you Prime. =D


  15. CybeastGregarX says:

    don’t worry about that. I promise you that I am the most patient person on the planet

    ugh and quick correction on some errors I made >_<

    except = expect


  16. NotForYouToKnow says:

    Thank you so much for the translation. Keep up the good work.


  17. Kurogashi says:

    Just curious, why are you doing the older chapters when they are already translated? Wouldn’t it make more sense to pool your efforts into the upcoming chapters (seems like up to chapter 26th is out).

    I look forward to the future releases; this is a pretty good manga. I appreciate the effort, so keep up the good work.


  18. orange03 says:

    Hello, Kurogashi, you seem to be mistaking me.

    Previous chapters i.e. 13 – 16 have been translated by our translator die_hard_RPGamer, and posted in mangafox. If you would give attention to quality, it is in pretty poor quality, a lot of grammatical errors and etc. So we have sworn to release it ‘properly’ by working on it.

    Uploading downloads for the previous chapters and replacing low quality ones in mangafox is what we aim to do. That’s why. We are trying to catch up. However if our translator/redrawer is busy with life. We cannot do anything. We have life after all. I hope you understand. We are trying our best however.


  19. PrimeSonic says:

    Hey, that just means I get to re-experience the magic of ViVid all over again 😛

    In other amazing news, Alter is putting out a 1/7th scale PVC statue of Vivio in school uniform with Chris. It’s amazing.

    After the Nendoroid Petites from the limited editions of volumes 3 and 4, it’s clear that this franchise is receiving a good deal of attention.
    I hope it encourages you guys to continue to support the non-japanese-speaking fanbase as you have been as we can expect more ViVid in the future.

    Who knows, maybe with enough support we might see Vivio back in animation sometime after The Movie 2nd A’s hits theaters.

    Once again, I leave you all with my utmost love and respect for your work and dedication to something I hold very near and dear to my heart.


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