A Few More Delays, “I’m Sorry.” – Satsuki

As you can see on the headline, I would like to apologize for a few more delays in the next few weeks or maybe a month. We have been preparing a big release for you guys and as well trying our best to catch up with the latest chapter.

So if you do not mind waiting for us longer… thank you!

And also, if you’ve got no anime to watch this Spring Season, give Sket Dance a try for good drama and of course Humor, and how ’bout Hanasaku Iroha for a good simple realistic story? Enjoy your day and, belated Happy Father’s day to everyone’s Fathers!


About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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11 Responses to A Few More Delays, “I’m Sorry.” – Satsuki

  1. Broke says:

    Won’t mind waiting another month or two. Take your time, no need to rush it. Thx for the release anyway


  2. Andre says:

    To be honest, I check this site once a day, but i wait patiently. I’m just grateful that you guys are translating this series. Thx and do your best. =D


  3. Nigthshark says:

    From a very self centered perspective I don’t mind a long waiting time if I get my fix in the end. Take your time slow and good is better than nothing or bad.
    Anyway thank again for your work and the information. Is nice to have some update.

    (P.S english is not my first language so if i made a big mistake : sorry)


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    [I’ve got the updates on my RSS feeds]
    Hey, it’s great to at least know you guys aren’t dead. Better to have an update letting us know your working on things but the release will be later than to get no update at all.

    Take your time. I’m just glad to see you guys going through with your promise to not drop this project until it’s finally completed. I value that much more than speed of releases any day.

    So, basically: 1) take the time you need to get a quality scanlation out and 2) drop us a line from time to time so we know you’re all still alive.

    Thanks for your dedication to ViVid and the fans.
    (Not a bad cover btw)


  5. woo says:

    Don’t worry, Take your time.
    I really love your work.
    So I don’t mind the wait.
    And. Thanks for your hard work.


  6. Tokiya says:

    do you plan on releasing the past chapters as well?


  7. orange03 says:

    Yes. We do. We’re planning on releasing them soon. 😀 and of course replace the ones in Mangafox as well for convenience. 😀


  8. Tokiya says:

    Yes ^o^

    I’m really looking forward on that

    I really love the whole series

    Good luck guys~!!!


  9. PrimeSonic says:

    That’ll be awesome! I’ll finally be able to archive my ViVid scalations in style.

    Just as a side-note: I’m also collecting the original manga for ViVid and even got the adorable Nendoroid Petite Vivio from the limited edition of volume 3.

    We love you and thanks for all your hard work.


  10. orange03 says:

    But what I mean is release old chapters, such as from Chapter 13 and onwards alright? I believe Wings of Yuri did an amazing job on Chapter 01 – 12, and thus no need for us to release them anymore. They are an awesome scanlating group. =D


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    Hey, all good. I’m just not thrilling about the MangaFox watermark they add to every image.

    And hey, if anyone knows where I can find the clean scanlations of The Movie 1st The Comics, let me know. Looks like the wordpress page where they were being hosted only goes so far back in archive so the first couple chapters don’t show up anymore.


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