Happy Holidays! Revamped!Chapter 17. Holiday Release Part 1! And a message to Paya-Paya.

Hello! Happy New Year and  Thank you to everyone who have supported us! This is Satsuki, bringing you thoroughly proofread and higher quality ViVid Chapter 17. The lack on the proof reading section was totally my mistake. I should’ve looked into it thoroughly before having to release it. I apologize. However I hope this release makes up for it! And Thank you to Adam for slapping it to my face that I didn’t proofread it properly, I mean for giving me a proofread. xDDD!

This may be an overdue message, but I think that I should still release my own opinion of the situation before it can end properly, because part of this is really my fault. I apologize. And for this being more than a month late as well. School kills I guess. *scratches head*

As you can see, this is ‘Holiday Release Part 1!’ You hear it right, we’ll be releasing chapters 13 – 19 in the following days! So please anticipate an update everyday until we’ve caught up with everything! Thank you for always supporting us! m(_ _)m!




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Mediafire | ZShare | Megaupload | iFileit | Sendspace


And I would like to note before hand, I am not angry, mad, or any of those negative elements. So, yes. =]

Now that’s done, then let’s clear some things up. So Dear Paya-Paya Scans, (The text below this is nothing but a reply to those that we have received, we respect Paya-Paya Scans especially for releasing us yuri scanlations since Tsundere Yuriko.) This is going to be long.

I am sure that would’ve been quite disrespectful to you, I apologize, I am sorry. However, this scanlation group is not really a group. We are just die_hard_RPGamer and orange03 from Mangafox. So you see, die_hard_RPGamer have been translating ViVid since Wings of Yuri dropped it. No one picked it up. I simply was talking to him after he had released Chapter 16 and offered help into properly typesetting everything on to the manga and helped onto proof reading it as well due to my knowledge of small Japanese. We just built ViVid Translations to obviously as the group name says Translate ViVid. And this is due to the lack of scanlating group, translating ViVid.

We are hereby newcomers, but we do not deserve bashing or accusations. We worked with what little things and knowledge we have, as aside to your big scanlating group. We do not plan on continuing on scanlating after ViVid finishes.

During your posting of ViVid Chapter 16, how did you come up with the knowledge that ‘Chapter 16 was the recent Chapter’ when we were already working Chapter 17 during your time of release? Of course no one knows of that, and someone in their correct mind would release ’13’ before ’16’ just because it’s the ‘latest chapter.’  Then it must be because you know of the existence of die_hard_RPGamer’s work of 13 – 15 before releasing it. But none of you took their time to inform him or maybe ask for his help, or take his translations and edit it, just so to give him credits and kudos for releasing it. But instead you took the time to drop us a bomb for being some ignorant people who tried stealing ViVid from you. And this is nothing different from what you are currently doing.

I have never heard of this ‘One Scanlating group per Series’ Policy. Or asking for permission regarding this matter. Not everyone supports double releasing, however, you can find double releases of ViVid’s Chapter 1 – 9 everywhere. Bleach has 3 scanlating groups working on it. I don’t know how many groups are doing Naruto. And ViVid is not an exception to this.

Vivid Translations’ sole purpose is to properly release die_hard_RPGamer’s releases in Mangafox properly. We do not have any intentions of stealing other’s series or whatnot. We will release. You will release yours. It’s people’s choice which they want to read, or simply they can read both. May we not support double releasing, we will release what we are working on, properly.

I was grateful of you for criticizing our work, and it is true that I lacked time to proofread the script and that is my responsibility. But I will do better. Everyone started out new, and eventually, they will improve in given time. However that is not enough reason to judge us for not having etiquette just because we don’t redraw. We do what we can. But our love of the Nanoha Series is not going to be leveled on to such things as redrawing. I know redrawing is important, it gives life to the scanlations. But we can’t do it, why dwell on something if people like us, fans of the the Nanoha Franchise are dying to read the scanlations? Then release it to the best quality that you can muster. Love for something is not determined by the amount of work done. But it can only be determined by the content and effort input all throughout the process of working.

I admire Paya-Paya Scans for having high quality releases because of the effort and love you pour for your work. But not because you release better work can it be something to level our love for the series. It’s insulting. However in relation to criticisms. I have checked your work, it is very nice and pretty. But here is the only criticism that I can give, please center your texts in the text bubbles.  That’s all I can say.

We release to please fans. Not releasing to please ourselves. May we not get credit for what we do or not. It’s still best that people have something to read that they like.

We don’t redraw because, we don’t redraw. We didn’t notify you of any joint because we want to work individually, and we will work individually. We only took ViVid because at that time no one picked it up. However, we would still continue, and maybe find some other manga to scanlate someday, and become a successful group like yours as well.

That’s all.

Thank you for your time! And as to, everything would’ve been quiet if we only asked permission. I apologize for not asking permission. However, I stand by my word that, whether we asked or not. Everything should’ve been fine. Because scanlating is something that we chose to do, it is serious business and we are not taking it lightly. Again, I would like to apologize. I am sorry.


Well… since that’s done. Again, Happy New Year to Everyone!

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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3 Responses to Happy Holidays! Revamped!Chapter 17. Holiday Release Part 1! And a message to Paya-Paya.

  1. Josh says:

    Congrats, Vivid Translations, for sticking by your guns here.


  2. sebby says:

    You don’t have to justify yourself, i’m more than happy to get my vivid releases, even your work on mangafox was really appreciated, i could finally undertand what’s happening and quality’s good too. Papapaya never released anything so they can’t whine, all i saw was a bunch of emo kids really. Well, perhaps they’ll release another chap by 2012, who knows… and realise hc fans need their monthly dose.

    And thanks again 🙂


  3. Kurono says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

    I am sure people will appreciate your releases with no problem.
    The paya paya scans are just too dramatic, some people will still download their releases and some people will download the ViviTrans release, i think this is natural.


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