Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Chapter 17 – Released!

EDIT3 11/18/10 (@11:20PM @GMAT+8:00): removed links for the meantime.

EDIT2 11/17/10 (@7:56PM GMT+8:00): Mediafire Link Updated!

EDIT 11/17/10  (@4:00pm GMT+8:00): Here is the link for those looking for 13 – 15. Chapter 16 has been translated by Paya-Paya Scans. With our first release for Chapter 17, we plan to release 13 – 15 in the following days as fast as possible. Please stay tuned! And THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS AND HELP!

Yahoo!! Satsuki here! I’m bringing you our first release, ViVid’s Chapter 17! We are a scanlating group that is built to give you new chapters of the 4th (spinoff) Nanoha Series “Vivid”

I’m really new to the scanlating business. And I promise to do my job diligently. So please wait for our releases monthly! For now I would like to apologize that this release is quite late. I’m sorry. But from now on I’ll try my best to release the chapters fast!

We are going to release a higher quality of Chapter 17 as well in a few days or so. Please stay tune for it for those who likes them high quality!

Here’s your preview chapters:

Because I forgot Credits go here for now:

Translations: die_hard_RPGamer
Editing/Proofreading: satsuki03

and~~ here are your downloads:


Enjoy your slice of ViVid 17!

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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27 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Chapter 17 – Released!

  1. Learning to redraw is probably the hardest thing about scanlating but with practice you’ll get there.
    This is like the bible for editors and should give you some solid pointers on how to get the edits looking clean and natural:

    I really suggest you scan the chapters yourself or look for HQ raws from the Japanese P2P sites because that will help in the editing process and sometimes can even assist you in translating when the kana is too small to read in the LQ raws.

    That first chapter you did on MangaFox was re-edited from the Chinese scanlation… that is so may kinds of wrong, especially when you left the original group’s credits in there.

    I’d like it if you would contact us about the project because there is no need for two groups to be working on the same thing, especially when it looks like you are dedicated to doing only this one series. We’re a yuri scanaltion group and we originally picked Vivid up because we’re NanoFate fans and did not want it to go unscnalated once Wings of Yuri dropped it. Most of the yuri and GL scanlation groups talk to each other directly so while it was common knowledge who was working on this project within the Yuri community I can see where people not familiar with that side of manga would be in the dark.

    Since you are committed to doing Vivid all I ask is that you do what Vivio and the girls are doing and get better at it. I’m looking forward to your release of chapter 18.


  2. Satashi says:


    I’m the editor for Vivid over at Payapaya scans. If you would like some advice on redrawing and stuff for manga, I’ll be happy to help you out a bit.


  3. Privateer says:

    Ah, the familiar reek of scanlation-group drama and butthurt. Don’t be so quick to apologise. Whatever you do with ViVid has NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER on what any other scan group does, and don’t let these egotistic attentionwhores tell you otherwise.


  4. Josh says:

    Wings of Yuri’s translators for this project got all sad and butthurt when Vivid started finally getting action and fighting and stopped being all about Einhart and Vivio blushing at eachother. The yuri community doesn’t “own” MGLN scanlations just because Vivio has two moms. You might be surprised to know that there are fans of the series from outside the yuri community who like MGLN because it has an interesting story, lots of action, fun and consistent magic, and a zillion shout-outs to Super Robot Wars.

    I certainly hope that this retarded bickering and in-fighting isn’t causing Vivid Translations to back off from the project.

    Hats off to Satsuki and Diehard for picking up the project when nobody else was running with it or even letting it be known that they were on it.


  5. Josh says:

    The entire concept of a single scanlation group “owning” a series is pretty arrogant. Get off your high horse or show your exclusive distribution rights license from the original japanese publisher. Oh wait, you don’t have one.


  6. Kurono says:

    I just hope that with all this mess that payapaya are causing, someone will still translate the Vivid series.
    If vividtrans resolves to get out from this project (i hope this won’t happen) so payapaya “needs” to keep going and proves that they also do and not only talk.

    die_hard_rpgamer your work on chapters 13-15 was good, don’t let minimal details such as “great editing skills”, stop you if you really want to continue.


  7. John says:

    I have to say that the arrogance of payapaya scans is just hilarious. They don’t own the series and have no right to tell anyone to stop translating it.

    Let’s look at their status as of November 18th:
    As for our Vivid release status:
    13 is in editing
    14 is in PR
    15 is in translation
    17 is in editing
    18 is in queue for scanning

    So far only 17 has been released. So in over a month they have done very little. Yet die_hard_rpggamer got out 13-16 in two weeks in September. I think 18 would of been done now if not for this drama from Payapaya scans.

    If Payapaya scans took over for Wings of Yuri then why haven’t they done shit with it except release 16-17?

    The people who should be apologizing are the people from Payapaya scans for their arrogance and comments. You have no rights to MGLN, you cannot tell others not to translate it.

    Competition is good, now you cannot just sit there and rarely release chapters. You have to release them in a timely fashion or people go to another group. If you don’t like then then get your act together. Attacking people who release faster than you is petty and shows your childlike attitude. You can’t be lazy so you throw a fit and attack people who make you look bad.

    Grow up


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