Nanoha InnocentS wraps up! Big thank you to A Little Drop

The last two chapters (16/17) of Nanoha InnocentS are out. Get them here.
Congratulating to AriteDrop for completing the series and a many thanks from all of us for putting in the effort to bring us this extra installment of this fun, little Nanoha AU.


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5 Responses to Nanoha InnocentS wraps up! Big thank you to A Little Drop

  1. noctepco says:

    Is it worth the read ?


  2. Will Rennar says:



  3. kf124 says:

    Thank’s for the update!!


  4. CrimsonDX says:

    A put that one on hold, now its finally time to finish it up 😀


  5. Finally finished reading them all, it was a fun little series.

    I thought it was funny seeing the little chibi versions fighting in the duels.

    Seeing Nanoha channeling Fate and doing that unison rerise, going all black and using lightning type attacks was very cool.

    Recently I bought a lot of Nanoha universe merchandise from a jp store including this shirt from Innocent with Dearche Kings Claudia on it.


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