Reflection THE COMICS 03

Spoilers for the Nanoha Reflections movie in this one. You have been warned.

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4th Dimension, KurayamiNeko, rabies, vic-vic
Native Jovian, Setsuna F. Seiei

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4 Responses to Reflection THE COMICS 03

  1. Will Rennar says:

    Excellent job on the translation, everyone. Thank you for sharing this with us!


  2. kf124 says:



  3. Fruit says:

    Thanks for the TL, it was nice to read it after watching the movie.

    One thought: I wondered about the “death eclipse” and whether it might be coincidence that Reflection borrows the Force manga weapon designs and now this – could it be related and could they be building bridges to that unlucky installment?
    Although if the kanji actually just means geologic erosion, then there would be no relation to Eclipse virus form Force at all, and it would just be an artifact of translation. The virus was apparently called Eclipse in engrish, unlike this: エクリプス Ekuripusu according to Nanoha wikia.


  4. Thanks again for translating, I can read this now that I have seen the movie, well actually I see the raws when they came out but I only started learning Hiragana a couple of months ago so I don’t understand much of them.

    It was nice seeing a lot of stuff from the past, once you see the movie you understand the foreshadowing in it.

    Loved the movie and will continue to read these as they come, really looking forward Detonation.


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