Reflection THE COMICS 01


No ViVid just yet but friends have provided us with a lovely little addition to keep the Reflection hype train going. A great way to take us both back in time and into the future as our original cast starts a whole new adventure.

Online Readers: Dynasty-Scans |

Direct downloads: MediaFire | MEGAz | DropBox

Think of Reflection THE COMICS as another supplemental manga that fills in some gaps that might exist in the movie’s plot. We’ve seen this done with just about every other major Nanoha release so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

This one was done by a small team that came together on the Michilda Discord server:

4th Dimension, KurayamiNeko, vic-vic, Native Jovian
with special thanks to
ExExnein, KiraWing, Seraphil

These are some of the same people who’ve been working on the subs for Gears of Destiny.
Don’t worry about spoiling the movie with this project. While the same characters and themes might be present in both of them, these are completely distinct stories, allowing you to enjoy both on their own terms.

If you’re looking to fully familiarize yourself with all the new characters before you watch the Nanoha Reflection movie, here’s your chance.


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5 Responses to Reflection THE COMICS 01

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    For those going by the main Gears of Destiny playlist, couple of notes:
    1. The first video has been content IDd because it is essentially a music video for Romancers Neo. If it’s not available in your country, just skip it and start from the next one. For those still interested in it, I posted it here:
    2. The playlists will take you through all of the published videos, but that will mean they will show you all of the variants of fights, not really how the game is meant to be experienced. To do that, I have placed at the end of each video annotated links to options (possible next videos encounters) that would have been presented to the player at that point. This is so you can do a bit of Choose your adventure.
    Have fun 😀
    And thanks to Prime for spotlighting this.

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  2. kf124 says:

    Thank’s!! 🙂


  3. mutopis says:

    pg 14, “rightnow” needs a space.


  4. Will Rennar says:

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing this with us. 😀


  5. Thanks very much, this is great.

    It’s really good that myself & others can read this & learn a lot without spoiling the movie.

    Reflection didn’t come to my country so I have to wait for DVD to watch it, so in the meantime I can enjoy something like this while I wait, I was really hyped for ViVid season 2 but unfortunately it never happened.

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