Kadokawa brought down most of our MediaFire downloads

This is a terrible surprise.

It seems someone representing Kadokawa just made things difficult for us.
Every scanlation we were hosting on our MediaFire account of one of their works (ViVid, Force, Innocent, The Movie, A La Carte, and others) was taken down yesterday.
I did not receive any direct notification.

This isn’t like before where we’d just upload a new version of the archive, this wasn’t just a single zip file. This was almost everything we were hosting.

It’s terrible news. For the time being, all we can do here is recommend online manga readers like Dynasty-Scans if you missed the most recent release.

Until this is sorted out, releases will likely be on a short hiatus. Sorry everyone.


EDIT: Resuming business and usual. Check this post for news.

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25 Responses to Kadokawa brought down most of our MediaFire downloads

  1. 4th Dimension says:


    Thankfully as you say we still have the aggregator sites… Allthough considering what recently happened to nyaa, I wonder how long until they bring down the likes of mangafox.


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    This isn’t even a guarantee that the material they took down will be seeing an English release either. In fact, I would bet money that there are no plans to make any of these manga available in English.

    We’ll be going over what our options are internally. Right now, we need to tread carefully.


  3. 4th Dimension says:

    Well yeah, unfortunately that is the case in many such cases which is one of the cases where I support piracy. If you don’t want to sell me your product, won’t localize it or provide it under a reasonable price, no wonder people pirate your shit. Provide a better service and those that can buy will buy.


  4. Fruit says:

    I wish you not getting more trouble than that, for the scanlations.

    Also, screw Mangafox, but imagine Dynasty Reader would go under!


  5. CybeastGregarX says:

    This certainly is a dark time indeed, at least I have everything before it all went boom. u.u


  6. CrimsonDX says:

    God things have been terrible lately. I guess now is a better time than ever to start learning Japanese myself….


  7. 4th Dimension says:

    Eh, that is not going to help you if they start tearing down scanned versions which are also legally cases of piracy. I would actually argue that those are more a case of piracy than fan translations. At least those add to the previous work.


  8. Another Time Diver says:

    Maybe try to upload in another site like MEGA? You guys can continue to do scanlation and when things get calm down released in a batch, maybe?


  9. PrimeSonic says:

    We certainly aren’t stopping. Especially when there isn’t an official English product available. Once we settle on a new distribution channel, we’ll be right back to normal.


  10. Arklight says:

    This is the saddest news for me more than what happened to nyaa. I am a long big fan of nanoha series and already follow it for more than ten years. I feel like we have come long ways to reach this point and how the entire vivid story has started to get really good after Leufen arc from what i’ve seen in compace.

    Yet things like this happen and truly is disheartening. I can understand if the manga released in English like Sword Art Online, Log Horizon or many others. Nanoha series however would never seen any light for a future western release at least from what I can see.

    I just hope that vivid team can continue us with scanning the next chapter as always and find another place to archive them. There are plenty alternative sites that other scanlation use after mediafire fiasco back in 2014 or 2015 i believe, when similar witch hunt took place and many scanlation were taken down.

    Hopefully things will get better, soon.


  11. Very sorry to hear about this.

    This is a wonderful website.


  12. thundabreaka says:

    I personally want to say this is BS. Not every title overseas makes it to the US. Certain titles are only allowed In Japan. Take Granblue Fantasy – The Animation, the IOS game never made it to America when review said they would some time on 2016 of Mar. now we’re watching the animation but still no 8-bit game.


  13. Another Time Diver says:

    Mediafire has been well famously vigilant when they find out about scanlation. I know some group in the past that need to move their documents and reupload them to another file sharing website because of that. I hope that Vivid team can go back on track soon enough, as you all seem to have everything moving smoothly until this kind of nonsense is happening.

    I just want to Divine Buster whoever report them out.


  14. CybeastGregarX says:

    To Arklight, I’d like to say that the Nanoha series TRIED to have an international release outside of Japan. FUNimation got the rights to dub it and they did pretty good dubs of the first and second seasons of Nanoha which I own on DVD, except for Arisa’s voice and a derp in A’s during Nanoha’s solo battle with Reinforce. However, due to lack of sales and interest, FUNimation quickly lost the rights to the Nanoha series and no effort to get another international release were made.

    So, the one chance to have the great and amazing Nanoha series reach out to international audiences through legal means, and yet no one took interest to keep it alive. And terribly made garbage like Madoka is still brainwashing everyone. It truly was a sad time, I’m just glad I was able to get the DVDs of season 1 and 2 of Nanoha from FUNimation before they went out of print and their prices went up insanely. u.u


  15. Another Time Diver says:

    To CybeastGregarX;

    I do share your sentiment. I own both Funimation Nanoha and Nanoha A’s boxsets, as well as limited collector edition of 1st and 2nd Movies BD since they have English subtitles on it. The main thing that I notice after being a huge fan of Nanoha series in these past more than ten years is, most of Nanoha-fans that I know among my friends have given up the series due to StrikerS. I personally love StrikerS as it was the major thing that made me hooked to Nanoha series more than before, I love to see how Nanoha grew from her childhood to early adulthood, becoming parent and nurture future generation.

    The wonderful theme that the series try to convey across multiple multimedia platforms unfortunately were not well-received, at least to some people that I know. There are people who hates Vivio, Subaru and those main characters post-A’s. Heck even there people who hates Zwei for some reason. I love them all and I try to argue on how Nanoha-series in particular has done a great job for giving each of the main characters a focus instead of having Nanoha took all the glory for herself. Nanoha as main character only prominently focused in the first series, as well as some portion of StrikerS when she reached out to Vivio.

    Unfortunately again, I found the theme like family, friendship and relationship that deemed to be straightforward were not as well-received as the supposedly darker and mature and complicated theme like what Puella Magi Madoka Magica has presented. I don’t hate Madoka but it is not a cup of my tea either. However, I found some people’s excuse for watching or reading darker and more complicated story could be extremely shallow. I want to ask them, whether they truly love the story? What kind of lesson that they could get from it? Or they prefer darker and more complicated story just to make them look smart even though they are not actually enjoying it?

    For me, again and again, Nanoha series has taught a good lesson of life that I could relate almost to every aspect of my own life here. That is why I found the whole series becoming endearing to me and I one day hope that I can enjoy Nanoha series legally in English. A glimpse ray of hope is when Vivid Strike shown in Amazon Prime…

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  16. James says:

    It is really sad, as people in my country says “ni rajan ni prestan el hacha” they will never release their franchise in our wester countries and at the same dont allow anyone to upload nothing when they can, it is really annoying.


  17. Shizumasa says:

    Whoever they are, they certainly are on a roll taking down all these stuff.


  18. CrimsonDX says:

    @4th Dimension: No, but It would allow me at least to import various manga/light novels/anime/games etc myself instead of having to rely on less legal methods of enjoying my favorite series.


  19. 4th Dimension says:

    @CybeastGregarX Saying that the Nanoha dub is pretty good is FIGHTING WORDS IMO :).
    Well TBH it’s okay, mostly with one NOTABLE and horribly breaking exception. They messed up Nanoha’s voice. It’s WAAAYYY too childish. Sure Nanoha has allways had bright and optimistic “child like voice” but it was not too childish so when she gets serious you know she is serious. The voice in the dub on the other hand is a voice (if you pardon me on my wording) of a retarded child (sorry) who has maybe two neurons firing in her mind. And since she is central to the story and main PoV she ruins the dub.

    @Another Time Diver Amen. I also liked the StrikerS a lot. Oh it’s far from perfect and has massive flaws since the studio frankly bit off more than they could chew etc. but I still defend it to the death since it is the version/era of the Nanoha that I like the most.

    And yeah for me too big part of my enjoyment of the show is the tone and message which is much more optimistic than the majority of today’s edgelordy subversions. Not that Nanoha can not be dark, hell each season has focused on a plot that featured people being in horrible situations that seem inescapable, but the show has repeatedly tried to drill in that if you try your best and do well on your friends and even enemies they in turn will treat you well when the time comes for it. A sentiment I feel is REALLY important, that I feel is getting abandoned in recent years to focus on shows that almost tell you “Be the maximum asshole FTW. Don’t be nice they get screwed”.

    That being said there is place for grimmness but if everything is grimmness it becomes boring as F.

    BTW: Nyaa is apparently back in operation on a new domain.


  20. Another Time Diver says:

    @4th Dimension: You’re welcome. That is also why I initially love Force more than Vivid, since the tone that Force brought is a lot similar to StrikerS on the sense. Vivid is like an appetiser for me, as both manga were released simultaneously. Nevertheless, post Inter-Middle arc has made me loves Vivid as equally as Force, since IMHO Vivio together with Einhalt (Einhard) has proven themselves to be someone that capable enough on taking protagonists mantle from Nanoha and Fate, at least for this particular instalment.

    For me personally, when they announce Vivid Strike, I was jumped in joy to see how the Vivid cast would now be a lot mature (emotionally if not physically) to nurture younger characters in a same manner through what Nanoha did to both Subaru and Teana in Striker S. At the end, even if I am not entirely right, but I am not entirely wrong either. Vivio and Einhalt in particular has proven to be an exceptional mentor/ senpai like figures for Fuuka (as well as Rinne to a certain extend).

    Because of that, the advent of Vivid Strike as well as The Reflection that soon would be premiered will definitely solidify my status as an eternal fan for Nanoha-franchise.

    In the same time, I also agree with you on how recent anime has been dominated with either asshole, angsty or emo main character, since if you name famous anime such as SAO, Attack of Titans or even Code Geass have protagonists that fit the bill after all. Other than that, the plot of other anime would always like a gamer or otaku or NEET get stuck in different world and got a harem for his own, as it now already getting old after all. That being said, I have a good faith that Troyca would be able to pull a nice twist in their new series, Re Creators.

    On the side note, you said Nyaa is back in operation with a new domain, may I know where is it?


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