Kadokawa brought down most of our MediaFire downloads

This is a terrible surprise.

It seems someone representing Kadokawa just made things difficult for us.
Every scanlation we were hosting on our MediaFire account of one of their works (ViVid, Force, Innocent, The Movie, A La Carte, and others) was taken down yesterday.
I did not receive any direct notification.

This isn’t like before where we’d just upload a new version of the archive, this wasn’t just a single zip file. This was almost everything we were hosting.

It’s terrible news. For the time being, all we can do here is recommend online manga readers like Dynasty-Scans if you missed the most recent release.

Until this is sorted out, releases will likely be on a short hiatus. Sorry everyone.


EDIT: Resuming business and usual. Check this post for news.

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25 Responses to Kadokawa brought down most of our MediaFire downloads

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    Nyaa nyaa.si
    Allthough how long it will be up is questionable since it’s a TLD in EU, and the Slovenians never struck me as the type to disregard international internet laws.

    TBH, while I have massive issues with Force, Force is in my eyes more Nanoha than Vivid has been so far. Nanoha for me is based on the Magitech Military Sci Fi dogfights in the skies, not on punching, But that is me. Vivid is … meh. It’s better now once it has had an actual character arc for Einhart and her line “I will put my emotions/thanks into my fists please accept them” is what got me, but it’s still not fully Nanoha for me. And Strike… a MASSIVE disappointment. For me Strike was as if someone used the mindset of Force to make something on the Vivid side of things. Therefore completely unnecessary graphic injuries end other issues.

    So the last good/great thing was StrikerS (or Movie 1st if we count those), the rest has been passable to infuriating.

    A lot is down to the split that happened with Force/Vivid. Vivid mostly took the optimistic route but in the process lost a lot of focus, since it does not have a crisis to drive the plot, while Force took the grim route with not much optimism and such. And one without other simply won’t do.


  2. Arklight says:

    For me i am hoping that vivid manga will have a duel betwen vivio and Nanoha in the future. If that is happen, i would really be happy as it is also gave me a view on how techno magical dodfight / synthetic style par against magical kung fu 😄


  3. 4th Dimension says:

    Well, again this is me and my biasses, but unless it’s Kung-Fu loses… badly I’m calling bull on that TBH 😉


  4. yoyo says:

    It is sad to know.
    I hope we will be able to pass these hard times.

    By the way, I got vol 16+17 from nyaa before it was taken down so tell me if you want the pictures.


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    Thanks for the offer but we do our own scanning for ViVid.
    Tomorrow things should start returning to normal.


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