Upcoming side-project announcement

Nanoha OC 1-5As the saying goes, pics or it didn’t happen.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Original Chronicle The 1st

So after the delays from having my original order get lost by the postal service, the first 5 volumes finally came in. I have volume 6 on pre-order already and, from the looks of things, there’s still more to come even after that.

For those not in the know, Nanoha Original Chronicle The 1st (which I am probably going to call Nanoha OC1 for short) is yet another retelling of the story that started it all, this time in manga form covering the whole story in detail and following the movie’s art direction. Is this to be the definitive version of the story after an anime, a couple drama CDs, a movie, and an AU manga adaptation? Well, that will be for you to decide.

So we now have this project formally announced. It’ll be a little while before releases start happening since we’ve got quite a bit on our plates right now. But at least now you all know where our side project efforts will soon be going.

For this project, on behalf of the team, I’d like to extend an open invitation to any and all scanlation groups that were interested in the Nanoha OC1 manga but never really got to it. We’re very much open to collaboration on all our side projects and this one is no different. So if you want to work together on it, reach out to us and we’ll get in touch.

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10 Responses to Upcoming side-project announcement

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    Looking forward to seeing this one. Good luck 😀

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  2. Kloth says:

    Is this much different in story than anime first season or movie?
    At least I remember A’s and StrikerS manga were about something else than just plain retelling.
    If it’s just another retelling of the same contet it sounds like a waste to pick it up especially knowing the very poor artist behind it and there’s still a lot of Nanoha works from various anthologies, Material manga or Vivid Life not getting any love at all which at least are something new.


  3. Fruit says:

    Nice to see it translated, but please tell me you are going to prioritise Vivid 🙂


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    It’s a side project. ViVid takes priority by definition.
    It’s the only project we ever have CraztHat putting time into.
    This means that if OC1 starts to move at a reasonable pace, it will be because we have a few more people that are “good enough” for side projects but don’t necessarily have the chops for more demanding projects like ViVid.

    But I will repeat, the time of the people that make ViVid possible will be going to ViVid first.


  5. Another Time Diver says:

    It is another retelling but definitely a definitive version of Nanoha’s first journey as a magical girl. It combines plot from original tv series, movie, drama cds as well as other reference materials while using the movie visual fidelity such as Gundam-esque barrier jacket instead of its tv series counterpart. It worth checking and I am happy that vividtranslation group picked this. In the same time I also blame this manga 1st Chronicle for the Force cancellation, as its first chapter was published right after Force went to indefinite hiatus.

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  6. PrimeSonic says:

    Looking through the books I currently have, I can confirm that Lynith gets a lot more visibility than she did in the past. So yeah, there’s clearly content here from the drama CDs.
    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this manga since it was first announce. It was only just now that I was really able to. And the team is on board with the project so yeah, we’re going forward with it.


  7. torikaraage says:

    With A La Carte finished and the Anthology series pretty much wrapped up this is likely where my efforts will go as Vivid Translations’ side job ringer.

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  8. Green-link94 says:

    Good to see this i’ve only seen a raw scanlation of the first chapter but it will be intresting to see how they incorporate the drama CDs.


  9. Fruit says:

    THey incorporated the Arise/Suzuka stripping water monster. Heh.


  10. PrimeSonic says:

    Yes they did! That will actually be in chapter 2 so hang on while we get this new show on the road.


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