A Surprise Doujin Release (Even I was surprised)

01 02Kinsei and Setsuna decided to do a little side-project in between our other scheduled releases. Turned out nicely. And so, here we release GO GO NASU by group Kotodama, scanlated by two of our own. It’s got quite a few laughs in store, and since it came so unexpectedly, feel free to give it a look.

Download link

Translation: Kinsei
Editing: Setsuna F. Seiei


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6 Responses to A Surprise Doujin Release (Even I was surprised)

  1. yoyo says:



  2. yoyo says:

    thank you very much


  3. art248 says:

    wow nice. thx for the effort 🙂


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    Hehehe. So far it hasn’t deterred anyone from having a good time.
    It’s surprising to me how many hits this doujin got.


  5. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    I’m happy to hear it. That this didn’t immediately spark a flame war has restored some of my faith in the fandom 🙂


  6. art248 says:

    heck if its good then it is good XD
    it it s doujin after all, to cater to all ‘tastes’ XD
    i juz enjoy it as it comes along

    nice to see something different every now and then too


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