Einhart vs Sieglinde begins on ViVid 40!

Vivid040_004With the pride of the Hegemon on the line, our still undefeated rookie will not back down. But does she have what it takes to take on a seasoned champion in the ring?

The action and drama unfold as we dive into ViVid chapter 40.

Translator: Kinsei
Raw Scanner: Satsuki
Raw Cleaner: Crazy Hat
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, cthulhudpc
Editor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Leader: PrimeSonic
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10 Responses to Einhart vs Sieglinde begins on ViVid 40!

  1. Marik says:

    Link is messed up.


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Wow, that was the fastest anyone’s ever gotten to a new post. Well, link is fixed now. ^_^;


  3. CybeastGregarX says:

    The outcome of this fight is so obvious but it was still a fun fight and its surprising to see Sieg use pro wrestling techniques during this match.


  4. Kaarme says:

    Was? It has barely started. Although I’d expect Ein to lose, yeah. Losing a single match can teach more than winning 10, so she would be in a big need of that lesson.


  5. Ali says:

    Thanks! Can’t wait for the next chapter. 🙂


  6. PrimeSonic says:

    If anything, I love that they aren’t taking the cliché “underdog wins the championship” story route.
    Here, the girls, while very good, are still newcombers. And they aren’t fighting in a team; They’re fighting 1v1.
    The story is taking a very logical turn of events (as seen in the past battles with the other girls). And well, if the tournament ends here for the girls, then perhaps the story can move on to more introspective levels.

    (Believe it or not, I don’t read ViVid beyond the chapter we’re currently working on)


  7. random says:

    Twin-tails gridge match is go. 😀

    Kinda curious to see where they’re going with this, as whichever way the match goes would seem to be somewhat narratively problematic. (And Vicky is gonna be soooooo pissed if Sieg up and loses methinks… :P)


  8. CybeastGregarX says:

    I will say as a heads up that there IS a big surprise in store about this fight since there is a deeper story about Sieg then you think that connects her to Vivio and Einhart.


  9. random says:

    …please tell me it’s not ANOTHER living-relic thingamajig… between Vivio and Whatshername-in-coma, Einhart and her hereditary “family ghost” and Vicky’s ancestry-pride act there’s quite enough of *that* going around already methinks. :/

    Because beyond that (and the hairstyles) the main shared trait seems to be a desire to become Pippi Lolistockings, World’s Strongest Girl. ;P


  10. Arthur says:

    thx for the new chapter 🙂
    always nice to see more of vivid


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