Word is that Nanoha Force is still going strong

Ch24006Our collaborative efforts with ZSS Scans brings to you another chapter of Nanoha Force.

Chapter 24 of Force is now available. Go send your love to ZSS Scans for their dedication to the project and special thanks again to Kinsei, Cthulhudpc, and Setsuna F Seiei  of ViVid Translations for their contributions.


Raws, QC: Tori_Karaage
Translator: Kinsei
Proofreader: Cthuhludpc
Typesetter: Setsuna F Seiei

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3 Responses to Word is that Nanoha Force is still going strong

  1. art248 says:

    yay 😀


  2. Evan Banks says:

    Thanks for the new chapter, Vivid Translations and ZSS Scans.


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