Taking up the torch of ViVid Translations

Hello to the new teammates, the veterans, and all my fellow followers of ViVid alike.
I’m PrimeSonic. You may have seen me in the comments here now and again. As you’ve seen, I’ll be the one bringing you the new releases of ViVid and making sure everything is getting done.

I figured it would only be right and proper to introduce myself to you all.

So it comes to pass that our beloved Satsuki will be taking time off from leading ViVid Translations for a while. She saw fit to put me in charge of bringing you all the new releases to the site and keep the team connected. Honestly, I was a bit shocked at the offer at first, unsure if I was really going to accept it, but that doubt quickly faded as I remembered I had made a promise.

If you’ve been following ViVid since the scanlations first began, you remember how things were before ViVid Translations. You know the uncertainty of seeing the series constantly dropped and picked up by different groups, never sure if any one of them was going to hold onto the project to the end.

In a personal blog post, I had this to say about ViVid Translations:

This group, unlike the others, came to us with a promise: a solemn vow to Nanoha fans everywhere that they would carry the torch of ViVid for as long as it would burn. They would continue the project, never abandon, never give up. This was a coalition with a singular purpose, one mission from which to never stray: Get Nanoha ViVid scanlated at all costs no matter how long it might take.

When ViVid made their promise, I made mine. I promised to see this series through no matter what. I’ve supported the series and this group in any way I could. It’s been since February of this year that I’ve been working with Sastuki and helping out as one of our proofreaders. I wasn’t about to stand idle while ViVid was in need of extra hands.

Now, at year’s end, I’ve been handed the responsibility of keeping this group moving forward. It’s an honor that still shocks me when I think about it.
I want thank Satsuki for all the work she’s done over the two years of ViVid Translations. She’s kept ViVid Translations true to its promise and now, so will I. Satsuki, again, thank you so much for your work and dedication to Nanoha fans everywhere. You brought together a great team and kept it going during the hardest times. For all you’ve done, and on behalf of everyone, thank you.

To everyone following ViVid, you have my word that I will do my best to keep the magic rolling.
Best wishes to all and I will see you in the next release.

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8 Responses to Taking up the torch of ViVid Translations

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    I love groups like this. I am a big PreCure fan, and for the longest time I never thought I would see the old series (Splash Star through Fresh) translated. However, thanks to groups like CureCom and PCSS only one of the past seasons remains incomplete. Those groups like this one where made up of dedicated fans who, even if months would pass between episodes, they never stopped moving foward. Even more so than a Precure fan though I am a Nanoha fan, and Vivids work on this project has been wonderful. Having followed these release for probably the full 2 years I can’t wait to continue following for as long as it may take to complete this.


  2. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    I am also honored to be part of this group and to help in the process of getting Vivid out to everyone!

    Now if only there was a group like this for Force 😦


  3. art248 says:

    nice going guys 🙂


  4. Kinsei says:

    There problems with Force? It’s been on my backlog… Maybe I should start reading it now.


  5. Setsuna F. Seiei says:

    Hasn’t been a new scanlated Force chapter in ages.


  6. Yeah,Force was like,dead now.no chapters released in 3 months


  7. I like Nanoha, but what about Oriental Sacred Place?


  8. Ali says:

    Excellent! Keep up the good work and thanks for your promises. :))


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