My, My, My, look at what we have here!

Just Vivio and Einhart being gay. What’s there to expect about?

Just kidding.

Here’s everyone’s Chapter 29 – 30!

Also, we would like to welcome Crazy Hat and Setsuna F. Seiei to the team! They’ve worked in this new release! I hope everyone will be good to them as well. m(_ _)m

















About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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23 Responses to My, My, My, look at what we have here!

  1. atua101 says:

    Thanks for the new chapters!


  2. Devil May Care says:

    Thank you for all of this. I really appreciate it.


  3. Fruit says:

    I noticed pages 12 and 24 seems to be missing from chapter 29… T_T
    Were raws not available for them?


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