Reflection The Comics Sequence 08


Reflection The Comics Sequence 08

We explore some events shortly after the girls confronted Kyrie. Nanoha thinks back to all the sad events she’s witnessed. This time, between her and Raising Heart, they’re not about to back down.

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4th Dimension, KurayamiNeko, vic-vic
Native Jovian, Setsuna F. Seiei

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3 Responses to Reflection The Comics Sequence 08

  1. kf124 says:

    Thank’s for the update!! ^_^


  2. Will Rennar says:

    Excellent work once again! Thank you all so much. ❤


  3. Cheers, I’m looking forward to 09, I saw a picture of Dearche for one of the previews and I like those 3.

    Kyrie was a very scary opponent, not only was she rather strong, but her everything to lose mentality made her crazy and unpredictable, as seen when shooting herself and her sister in order to escape.


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