Reflection THE COMICS 02

While the next chapter of ViVid is in the works, our friends on Discord have released the second chapter of Nanoha Reflection THE COMICS. In this chapter we get to know more about Kyrie before the main events of the movie. Enjoy!

Online Readers: Dynatsy-Scans | | MangaDex

Direct Downloads: MediaFire(v2) | MEGAz(v2)

4th Dimension, KurayamiNeko, vic-vic, Native Jovian

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6 Responses to Reflection THE COMICS 02

  1. Will Rennar says:

    Thank you very much for your work on translating this, everyone! ❤


  2. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Actually saw the movie tonight. The franchise hasn’t been this good, particularly on a balls to the wall action regard, in a long time.

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  3. I was still not quite fully awake when I opened this page and all of a sudden my eyes lit up and my 1st thought was that was quick, then soon realized it’s chapter 2.

    I read the raw for #3 a couple of days ago and I confused myself here thinking it was that chapter.

    Anyway there’s no rush, worlds not ending tomorrow, I’m pretty sure we already past that predicted date.

    When Kyrie met Iris, and we get to learn about the magical ability’s that Iris has.

    Thanks to everyone who works on these, very much looking forward to the next release.


  4. mutopis says:

    ch 2, pg 05, “while patting me on head.” – “on the head”
    pg 15, “fly n sky” – “fly in the sky”
    pg 22, “give that as a presents!” – “as a present!”
    pg 31, “nformation” – “information”

    ch 1, pg 14, “rightnow” needs space.


  5. 4th Dimension says:

    I have fixed Sequence 02 as per your comments, thanks.
    I have re-uploaded it on MangaDex, the link is the same but the files have been changed.

    New direct download link:!yygwCJKL!BweztknRx5bbYxzxPc3Nj1m5O9U02jttIdgPnszKK1s

    Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about dynasty-scans and

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  6. kf124 says:

    Thank’s!! ^_^


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