ViVid Strike! Ep8


VividTrans] ViVid Strike! – 08 (1280×720 x264 AAC)

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  1. 4th Dimension says:

    Well apparently the 3rd movie is still in the works and they did negotiate for her participation in that project. Allthough seeing as it has been like a decade since they published something decent and animated I’m not getting my hopes up.


  2. Adrian says:

    Summer 2017, which means if we’re lucky, spring 2018 before the movie comes out on BD. But hey, even that is a blessing, if this series doesn’t sink it.


  3. I just discovered this website! Thanks for the translations. Good job!


  4. Carthienes says:

    So, Salient points to date:

    Strike tries to include a number of interesting elements, along with with number of terrible elements and does a terrible job at combining them together.

    Rinne is the least human character in the franchise to date, despite the large numbers of genuinely non-human characters and Rinne being pure-blooded human.

    The writers have managed to “Nerf the Nanohaverse”, creating a setting that seems quite distinct from the universe the Nanoha Franchise has previously been set in.

    Blood, Guts and Gore have their place; but there is no excuse (in universe or out) for the exuberant displays of it in this series.

    The new characters are not engaging, the old characters seem new.

    Since when has ‘Magic’ worked like that, and why has everyone forgotten about it?

    Deus Ex Machina and Writer Fiat rules the day. Whatever happened to plotting?

    If Jill turns out to be Quattro in disguise (extremely unlikely) it could be the best thing that ever happened to the series.

    Someone forgot how to animate fight scenes.

    A consistent and detailed setting in the background is what made the Nanoha Franchise great – Strike does not fit with that setting.

    Characters are what makes the individual entries in the Nanoha Franchise great, although we “do also like the flashy shit that makes sense too” – not that Strike makes any sense.

    Details are important – As Sanderson said, you can “Err on the side of what is Awesome”, but that does not excuse tossing away everything established to date for the sake of something that is, quite frankly, lame.

    What once was special soon isn’t

    Strike seemed to have potential when it first appeared. It soon lost it.

    Comparisons to Force may be demeaning. To Force.

    Loosing steady access to Nanoha’s Voice Actress may have prompted a concerted purge of all aspects of the Franchise even loosely connected to her character. Given that she was a main character for most of it (It’s the NANOHA franchise after all) that means most of it. If proven, this would mean someone being very, very stupid. Also, this sort of behaviour would certainly justify a Voice Actress being reluctant to get involved with the project.

    Surprisingly, the same main writer was responsible for all the official entries in the Nanoha franchise to date. He seems to have ported his aborted Force concepts over to a Vivid spinoff that, if anything, fits them worse.

    They should have done the other bits of the Vivid story first, rather than quitting half way through the anime run for… This.

    Did I miss anything?


  5. 4th Dimension says:

    You got most of it, even though I’m not as negative towards it.

    I would not agree that Rinne is nonhuman. She is a human and has reasonably human behavior. It’s just that she is a broken human with a LOT of issues. It would be better to say that she is an un-engaging human.

    As for the voiceactress, I actually understand them that they don’t want to build something new that would rely on such an unreliable requirement such as involvement of an actress that is no longer under contract with them. Also any negotiation is always going to start with her holding the upper hand since they would NEED her. Thus the attempts to move away and try to do things without her.
    This is also the reason other Vivid Anime seasons are unlikely since Nanoha is not absent from the rest of the plot.


  6. Carthienes says:

    Rinne as a nonhuman:- I am not saying she isn’t human. I’m saying that, if you ignore the quirks of biology she displays less human characteristics (as a character characterised through this anime) than most of the characters who have been established (though some quirk of biology, technology or magic) to not be technically human. The presentation and characterisation are not very human. As I mentioned previously, many of the other characters in Nanoha could very easily have fallen into this, but they were sufficiently well presented that they gave a more human impression of their nature. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’d rather get to know Goliath.

    I can quite understand them not wanting to rely on appearances by a voice actress out of contract, but that does not really excuse the extent of the purges. It is not just Nanoha that appears to be missing, but anything that seems even tangentially related to her character or themes. Her character does not have a particularly strong presence in Vivid, though – they could easily relegate her speaking lines to Fate if it came to it (or has she left too?). It is certainly acceptable to sweep the character under the rug rather than replace the voice.


  7. 4th Dimension says:

    She does seem cold and emotionless, since she has withdrawn into herself which does make her a bit boring sure.

    Ehhh, Fate doesn’t really work as a replacement since Fate is home only from time to time since her work takes her away from Midchilda constantly. As far as I remember Nanoha has a part in training Vivio’s defenses so she can simulate Kaiser mode to fight Einhart on equal terms. Fate would not really work since it’s Nanoha who is the instructor and is home so she has time for that.


  8. Carthienes says:

    I picked Fate as she seemed to be in most of the scenes Nanoha was in and Nanoha was mostly acting as Vivio’s Mother rather than a Bureau trainer. She seemed a convenient default.

    The training scene could definitely be handled by Fate though – it wouldn’t be the first time that she has conveniently come home at just the right moment for the Plot. Besides which, Vivio did not need a professional trainer to help her out – she needed a military-grade (non lethal) barrage “the sort of shots you’d expect on the front lines”. Given that Fate normally works there, she would be just as capable of providing such a bombardment as Nanoha.

    That particular scene could also have been handled as a montage, with just Vivio’s voice over (in the same fashion that the anime had already handled most of the previous training arc), or even contracted to a brief clip that omits any speakers other than Vivio and Raising Heart (the latter could theoretically pick up some of Vivio’s lines – there is a distinct overlap between the characters).

    Anyway, the point is that there’s nothing stopping them from completing the Vivid Anime if they really wanted to. It was never a perfect copy of the Manga anyway, so editing in setting circumstance to account for real world circumstance is not so much permissible as expected. Of course, doing it all as one (like StrikerS) would have been preferable, although it would have denied them the chance to evaluate Vivid’s reception.


  9. Carthienes says:

    4th Dimension said:
    “I wouldn’t at all say Wolkenritter were OP in As. As you say in the first fight it was the cartrige system that gave them the edge, but without it even in the first fight Vita wasn’t showing that much if at all of an edge when going against Nanoha despite her greater experience. As such cartrige system was an excellent way to give an introduction to the opponents that set them up as a serious threat. Especially since at the beginning no one knows who they are and what do they want.
    If anyone was annoying in As it was those twins that kept interfering. Now thir powers made sense, they largely specialized at binds and used them to a devastating effect and together with sleight of hand it made them even more mysterious and powerfull. I hated them for being so unexplained better than the rest and having a third agenda. And that is not to say anything about the rooftop scene, but that is a subjective thing.
    The only truly OP entity in that was the “Book of Darkness” but that was to be expected and was built up towards throughout the season.
    The cartrige system was also good because it further boosted the theme of Girl Gundam by making all these seemingly “magical girls” carry around magazines of catriges and allowed the artists to play around with gun cocking animations and sounds which made things better.”

    I meant to reply to this earlier, but the rearrangement of the Forums confused me. Anyway: I agree that the Wolkenritter themselves were not Over Powered in A’s – though the fact that there were four of them as opposed to two (Fate and Arf – Precia largely stayed in the background) did up the conflict level a little. The Cartridge system meant that we saw them fighting at their standard level and their charged up level as time went on, rather than having to take someones word for it that these attacks are stronger than the ones we faced last season. CVK-792 upped the power level significantly, but in spurts. Users could only be OP a little bit of the time, and have to choose their moments well.

    I won’t argue the Book being well and truly OP, that much was a given.

    The Big Advantage possessed by the Wolkenritter was their experience – they had a lot more of it than our protagonists. Even so, I think that they were hampered by the fact that most of their experience was against far weaker opponents (not to mention the fact that their memories are imperfectly reconstructed, so they end up forgetting a lot of their experience over the centuries). Despite the ‘assistance’ of the Leise twins and Admiral Graham, they were forced to resort to stealth and misdirection – and I sincerely doubt that they would have succeeded if it were not for their shadowy benefactor. Of course, their inability to remember that thing that was bugging them cost them dearly as well.


  10. I hated this episode and the entire winter cup in general.

    All it did was destroy Rinne’s character and credibility.

    They had Rinne not fight at full power against Muira and had her go back on her words to win that fight and then this happens.

    I expected a lot more from a character that is ranked #1 and chasing after Einhart’s and the championship belt.

    Rinne’s overall fighting record that was shown during the 1st or 2nd episode was out of this world.

    Vivio is an established character that’s been around forever and would have lost nothing if she lost this fight as she got a win against Rinne another time so 50-50 booking would have been fine here.


  11. 4th Dimension says:

    Actually Vivio would have lost a lot, as far as we non Japanese public are concerned since this is really first time we have seen Vivio being a serious threat in a championship. They have been trying to build her up but all in all her record was lackluster due to the nerfing (she lost access to her Kaiser Armor which made her 6 year old self able to completely shrug off particle cannon attacks, had she not lost it she would have been OP as fuck) she recieved between StrikerS and Vivid.


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