Our Upcoming Plans

As a followup to the last post, today we’ll shed some light on the upcoming projects and the mixed bag of good and bad news surrounding them.
Check bellow the break for everything.

 So let’s talk about the big issue first, Nanoha ViVid.

The bad news is that CrazyHat really won’t be able to continue acting as our primary cleaner on this project like she has in the past. It’s a real shame but at least knowing this we know we can move forward in other ways.

The related good news is that our newest cleaner, erebea, along side some extra help from our A-Team typesetter, Setsuna F. Seiei, will be stepping up to take the Vol 13 chapters in progress and get them finalized.
The chapters of Vol 13 will still feature CrazyHat’s impressive redrawing work as well leveling and additional cleaning from erebea.

Vol 14 and 15 will have scanning done by CrazyHat and full redrawing and cleaning duties will go to erebea from there.
No promises right now as far as what the release schedule is going to look like, but you can be sure that we should be back to regular releases before long.

And now a few words on Nanoha Comic Anthology.

We’re down to the last 4 stories. Given that we’re on the finishing stretch, and that these tend to be simpler to work with that material like ViVid, we’ll be focusing some extra resources to get those off the cleaning table as quickly as possible so we can go all cylinders on ViVid.

erebea will be be wrapping up cleaning on these last 4 and hopefully we’ll have enough resources to get these out the door without taking any away time from our latest project.

Yeah, Nanoha Original Chronicle.

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback on our first release. We learned a lot and discovered what issues to iron out and how.

As promised, we are going to be re-releasing the first chapter with all new scans. No more artifacts and consistent black levels across the board. It does mean that the project has had a delay as new, higher resolution, scans are being done. So apologies there but we promise it will be worth the wait.

Our honorary member and favorite collaborator, Tori, is going to be working closely with me to make this project looking as good as possible. By the time it’s done, it will be a must-have in your Nanoha archives.

So that’s it for now. It’s mostly good news, especially the fact that ViVid is coming back.
We all lament that we won’t have CrazyHat as much as we used to but it looks like we’ll be able to keep things going thanks to the extra help that came our way recently.

For the time being, we won’t be picking up any new projects at least until after Anthology is done and we have Original Chronicle into a rhythm.

As always, a big thank you to everyone of you for supporting us and sticking with us. We promise that this labor of love isn’t ending any time soon so keep coming back for more Nanoha scanlations as they come.

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12 Responses to Our Upcoming Plans

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    Yay, looking forward to the next Vivid release 😀


  2. Doom says:

    Always appreciate what you guys do. Glad to hear things are working, patiently waiting for vivid. Keep up the good work!


  3. Random Fan says:

    Yay, looking forward to the new releases.


  4. art248 says:

    Appreciate the work that you guys put in.
    No worries, we can wait till you guys are ready with the releases.


  5. Loving fan says:

    Thanks for the update. Love the work you all so.😊


  6. Mad Max says:

    Whew, glad to know. I was getting worried 😀


  7. thundabreaka says:

    I’m glad Vivid Translation isn’t out of the game would really stink. I enjoy vivid’s translations.


  8. Random Fan says:

    *listens for pins dropping*


  9. PrimeSonic says:

    Working on Anthology 15 as we speak.
    We effectively lost someone for a month and I only found out about it a week later.
    Only reason I haven’t knocked this out out myself is cause of just burn out over the week with longer than usual work days.


  10. Random FAn says:

    Yikes. That’s never good. Hope they come back ready and willing to catch up. Will look forward to Anthology 15. ^_^


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    Anthology 15 should be coming out later tonight.


  12. Ali says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for everything you have done for our enjoyment! 🙂


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