Anthology 12 – Fate cooked up a storm

Just what has Fate been learning during her training with the Bureau?


Things are about to get a little off-kilter today as Fate brings in lunch for the crew. Get ready to get hungry in today’s installment of…

Nanoha Anthology 12

Meal Time Mage Fate-chan

Translation: Kinsei
Cleaning: erebea
Typesetting: PrimeSonic
QC: Luthien, Setsuna F. Seiei

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4 Responses to Anthology 12 – Fate cooked up a storm

  1. Miksa says:

    Could you include info about the author with these anthology releases.


  2. Random Fan says:

    Fate certainly went bananas with the cooking, yes indeed. And I apologize for that joke. ^_^

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  3. PrimeSonic says:

    I understand the desire. Especially if you want to find more by the same artist.

    I’ll look into this since presently, we don’t spend much time in the way of investigation.
    That said, the people at Dynasty-Scans seem to be doing a pretty good job of identifying authors and making it easier for find more of their work. This just in case you need somewhere to start.


  4. Kagamiku says:

    I’d eat Fate-chan’s banana.

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