Status Update

Sorry for the long silence everyone. Truth be told we have all just been overwhelmed with life, work, and snow.

We’re planning on releasing chapter 53 soon. Hopefully in early March.

We haven’t dropped anything but we could certainly use all the help we can get. We really need another artist grade raw cleaner and re-drawer. If you’ve got the skill set needed to bring quality raws to this series and want to see the ViVid manga pushed forward, please drop us a line. Not sure what the job entails? Check out our call to action for details.

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7 Responses to Status Update

  1. Random Fan says:

    Glad to hear you’re all still alive and kicking. Sadly, I don’t have the talent to be doing the raws, wish I did. Will look forward to 53 in early March then.

    Never meant to rush you, and there’s still no rush, was just worried that it had been so quiet lately. ^_^ Take your time. 🙂


  2. Alternative Ice says:

    question. Is this a “It would be nice if we had another cleaner, it would really move things along” or a “Oh god we need another cleaner or it might be forever before we finish!”


  3. ShouTakuya says:

    I’m glad you are still continuing on everything. I’m hoping more Innocent and Vivid. Keep up the good work!


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    It’s closer to the second option. More like, “if we ever want to release on a schedule ever again”.


  5. DIO says:

    Oh how I wish I could help, sadly I can’t draw, translate or pretty much anything.


  6. art248 says:

    thx for the updates and thank you so much for ur efforts.
    sadly i do not hv any of those mentioned artistic skills >_<

    but take ur time and thx for letting the community know what has been going on


  7. CrimsonDX says:

    Glad to see you guys are still alive. Unfortunately I don’t have any skills with cleaning or redrawing. The most I can give is my support and patience.


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