Upcoming Projects

This is gonna be so awesome

So it’s time to dispel some of the mystery and come clean.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes. A lot of big things are happening. Unexpected opportunities are being taken. The team is growing and we are really excited with all the everything we have going on now and what we have to look forward to.

So, with that said, take a look at the upcoming projects for ViVid Translations.

To start with, we’ve got an Einhart centered doujin from the same people who brought you Change!, lovingly titled Ein-“Heart”. It’s gonna be cute. Promise.

For those who didn’t pick up on the restaurant metaphors in our little teaser post, we are doing The Movie Comics A La Carte!
That’s right, 15 stories centered around Movie 2nd A’s. We’re already working on them so we can release them later as quickly as possible. For now, patience as we get everything going.

In a new development that was a surprise even for us, we are going to be taking on the Lyrical Nanoha Comic Anthology! It’s another long term plan with lots of parts and releases so check back later and we’ll have more info as it happens. We’ve already negotiated for the scans, which is going to bring its own bit of news down the road.

And finally, because it’s in our freaking name, there’s still more Lyrical Nanoha ViVid to come. What? Were you expecting that not to be here? 😛
This time though, with our expanded team, we’ll be releasing the extra projects along side the official manga without needing to delay either of them. Heck, we should be able to get them out faster now that we’re in control of the whole process.

That’s it for now. The rest of 2013 is already looking bright and vivid.

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7 Responses to Upcoming Projects

  1. AWW!!
    Thanks so much guys.
    I needed a lot more Nanoha.
    after watching the Movie 2nd A’s.


  2. art248 says:

    wow awesome guys 🙂
    liking all the stuff dat has been done. thumbs up from me


  3. CptTakamachi says:

    A La Cartes! Whoo! You guys are awesome!

    But what are these Lyrical Nanoha Comic Anthologies?


  4. APN says:

    >no Material Musume
    I am disappoint.


  5. yoyo says:

    and you must find another raw site – the lyrical.cn – didn’t update since 3 month ago


  6. PrimeSonic says:

    Actually, for a lot of these projects, we’re scanning our own raws now. ^w^


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