Subaru approves of Nanoha Force 26

26The latest chapter of Nanoha Force is finally here. Go give all the props to ZSS Scans and then you may download the chapter.

Raws, QC:
Translator: Kinsei
Proofreader: Cthuhludpc
Typesetter: Setsuna F Seiei

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9 Responses to Subaru approves of Nanoha Force 26

  1. dotsusama says:

    Is anyone having trouble with the download link? I restarted my browser, and I’ve used the service before with no trouble, but three downloads all stop at precisely 56% with no change to my connection.


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    Hmm… Yeah, I’m getting the same. I’ll inform Tori and put up a new link asap.


  3. torikaraage says:

    Sorry for the download issues. Turns out the first file I host on Mega will be the last.


  4. torikaraage says:

    HUGE props to the ViVid team for all their help in making these possible!


  5. Evan Banks says:

    Thanks for the release as always, Vivid Translations and ZSS scans.


  6. Thanks!!
    Been waiting for this to come out.


  7. Subaru was so cute when Thoma was feeding her. :3


  8. Vivio says:

    Thanks for the release as usual. Uhm btw i lately re read nanoha force scanlation and compare it with the original manga i bought as part of my collection.

    In chapter 18 when hayate greeted signum after she regain her consciousness back, i believe you guys forget to mention Reinforce Eins in there. As the literal sentence roughly sounds like this…..

    Hayate: “Sorry, Signum. Your eternal rest with [Reinforce] Eins in heaven is still a long ways away. But, honestly, I’m glad you’re alright.

    Welcome home, Signum.”

    Signum: “Yes, my master.”

    I believe the inclusion of Eins name holds special meaning and leaving it out could make hayate’s greeting becoming a bit confusing.

    Other than that u guys from zss scans in particular do a really great job and Vivio is really happy ^_^


  9. Time Diver says:

    this page isn’t it Vivio?


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