…. What is this… triple release?! [Edited + Page 4 Fix]


 Edit about Vivid 26: Page 4 Fix Below Just download it. For those who has not DL’d the Chapter. I have fixed the link with the  corrected page 4.




With the recent “Hiring,” we have also hired someone who is currently doing translations of another manga called Oriental Sacred Place from U MAD Scans. Kinsei (Our Japanese translator), asked if we can edit the Chapters 14 and 15 for him… so here it is! Have a taste of Oriental Sacred Place Chapters 14 and 15!

Oriental Sacred Place

Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 | Both Chapters

And of course… I would not forget about our main dish for today!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Chapter 26!

Download Here

With our new additions to our team:

Please welcome our new editor “Baker Yeast” and our new Proofreader “PrimeSonic”! Also please welcome our Japanese Translator (who seemed to be quite busy recently), Kinsei and welcome back to our Main Chinese translator, die_hard_RPGamer!

Maybe we could catch up with the chapter soon ;)?

P.S. We would be regularly doing Oriental Sacred Place; until further announcements from Kinsei.

Enjoy your Weekend!

— Satsuki

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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21 Responses to …. What is this… triple release?! [Edited + Page 4 Fix]

  1. zekblue says:

    Thanks for the translation


  2. Lehq says:

    Fantastic. I was getting worried that touhou got ditched.


  3. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    Page 4, first pannel, you got a blank bubble in the bottom left corner.

    Aside from that, thanks for the release!


  4. Himeya says:

    Finally, something to spice up my Sunday here. Thx for the release. Keep up the good job


  5. Kwendy says:

    Fantastic. Always tired of waiting for some Touhou. 🙂


  6. orange03 says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that. Baker, I hope you’re reading this. lol.


  7. art248 says:

    nicely done


  8. PrimeSonic says:

    It is an honor to work with you guys.


  9. Leipuri Hiiva says:

    I wonder how neither of us didn’t notice that mistake…


  10. Kinsei says:


    Apologies for lack of contact recently. April has indeed been a very busy month for me. In various ways. After I read 26 I’ll be starting on 27 right away and won’t stop on ViVid till I get through all of Vol. 6. After which I’ll be working on OSP 16.

    A head’s up for everyone on the front of OSP: 16 is the last raw I have access to, but apparently the series ended at 18. If anyone has access to those last two chapters, I would greatly appreciate someone drop me a line.


  11. Leipuri Hiiva says:

    And I’m the “Baker Yeast”. “Leipuri Hiiva” means the same thing, but it’s in Finnish.


  12. CybeastGregarX says:

    Sweet, and Rio is still called Lio but I’m not complaining


  13. localhost says:

    I believe I have the last chapter for OSP as the last page says “THE END” at the bottom. If you have any questions, let me know via e-mail. You should be able to get it from this comment if you have access to it or ask the administrator.


  14. MrEngenious says:

    Hello, I wasn’t able to locate a more appropriate means of contacting you guys so hopefully I’m not out of line by posting it in here.
    I’m MrEngenious from dynasty-scans. I’m here to request permission to upload your scanlations of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid to our reader here: http://dynasty-scans.com/reader/ . There are no ads or donations or anything of the sort, if you were wondering.
    Thanks for your time.


  15. Mai88 says:

    thanks for the translation for vivid and touhou 😀


  16. Di says:

    Thank you very much for the translation. Keep up the good work.


  17. orange03 says:

    I have sent you an email regarding this. =D


  18. ShouTakuya says:

    I have just remember that an translated page on one of the chapter has no translations. there is a balloon but no text. is that the replacement?


  19. orange03 says:

    I am not sure if I have replied to this, but yes that’s the replacement.


  20. ShouTakuya says:

    what the difference between this releases and the past releases?
    BTW, thanks for answering my question ^o^


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