Status Report; dear 2gay2play2day

First of all, I literally and really apologize for the slow progress.

It has been a busy start of the year for all of us.

Translator-san is doing his thesis and should be done by end of February or March and then we can get back on gear for Translating.

Editing: I currently have the script for Chapter 25 but quite do not have the time to scanlate yet due to my pending shoots and major subjects in school.

I’m sorry for the lack of update it has been quite a hard thing to manage time recently.

I would like to announce to release Chapter 25 before February 21st. So if you guys could wait until then…


to 2gay2play2day according to his/her post here:

They can do it faster because we’re SO SLOW. We’re not stopping you, it’s not like we owned licenses for ViVid. If you can do it faster, then please do so. You will be helping us and a lot of people a favor, instead of just whining here. Thank you very much.

Once more, I apologize for the lack of updates, and will release Chapter 25 before February 21st. Have a nice weekend everyone.

– Satsuki.

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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13 Responses to Status Report; dear 2gay2play2day

  1. Dman says:

    That fool doesn’t even know to translate. He’s just some idiot complaining about something he knows nothing about.


  2. 2gay2play2day says:

    >That fool doesn’t even know to translate

    I can’t translate Japanese to any language, so it would be imposible for me. Finnish, English, German and Swedish are the only languages I’ve studied.
    That’s why I only do typesetting and cleaning works. I got shitloads of time, but I can’t do “one man’s projects”, cus my Japanese sucks.

    >He’s just some idiot complaining about something he knows nothing about.

    You are not in a position to say that, little fanboy.


  3. PrimeSonic says:


    Does anything you just said justify treating another human being, especially those doing you a free service, so poorly?
    Nobody likes an asshole. Don’t continue to make yourself one.

    It’s perfectly fine to ask for a status update but what you did was disrespectful to the extreme and in poor taste. That’s why you were called out.
    In addition, if you don’t want people making incorrect assumptions about you, your abilities, or just drawing inaccurate conclusions, you will find that it won’t happen nearly as much when you aren’t playing the part of unprovoked aggressor beforehand.

    Hopefully you’ll learn from this experience and next time you won’t be a condescending asshat whenever something takes a little more time than expected.

    Best wishes,

    @everyone at ViVid Translations.

    What I most appreciate from you all as a team is that you keep at it, even when delays and other factors come in.
    I’ve seen this series dropped twice, and while it may not have gone in the directions I was hoping for, I certainly would like to see it through.
    Heck, I started importing the actual ViVid manga from Japan only after you guys took up this project.

    Knowing that no matter how long it takes, you are all still going to continue this project is a comfort in itself. I don’t have to worry about the series being dropped or in limbo when a delay happens because you gave your word and have always kept it. My appreciation and gratitude is hard to express but I’m taking this extra time to do so because I don’t want you to feel discouraged now.

    Stay the course. Your hard work and dedication is not going to waste.

    Your fellow ally in the Nanoha and ViVid fandoms,


  4. 2gay2play2day says:

    People who are not even scanlating ViviD, like you sir, seem to have more grudge against me than the group who’s doing the actual job here. I said they were slow, maybe with a little inappropriate, but not insulting way. But, if ViviD Translations feel they were insulted, I’ll apologize my behaviour.

    (And there might be some grammar mistakes with my English.)


  5. orange03 says:

    The ‘I can do it even faster’ may be a little bit insulting, but if what you said is fact, then please do so.

    What you have said is true, we are indeed slow, but we do not take enough offense to it because we are, indeed, slow. Your apology is accepted and your English is fine.


  6. orange03 says:

    Thank you very much for that encouragement, PrimeSonic. We will certainly do our best and catch up once time has permitted us to do so. Thank you.


  7. Himeya says:

    I suggest that next time you’re writing something you should consider how others would feel if they are reading your words.
    >”You are so slow! Even I could do it faster, like seriously” but I can’t do “one man’s projects”, cus my Japanese sucks < That would be in contradiction with your previous statement would it not?
    If you don't like the slow pace of the release, then by all means help them in any way you can, that would be better than muttering some provoking lines, like what you just did.


  8. 2gay2play2day says:

    I used the word “could”, cus if I could speak Japanese, I’d do it faster.
    I also said “I only do typesetting and cleaning works” (=editing), so if I would get a script in my hands I would finish my job in a week or less (my mood determines it). It’s true that I can’t do everything by my own.

    >If you don’t like the slow pace of the release

    I must say I don’t like it, but I can endure it without any complaints from now on.

    >help them in any way you can

    Boy I’d love to do that, but it’s their decision do they even want or need my help. I also caused this shitstorm, so my “reputation” went immediately down (which is not helping much).


  9. Dman says:

    Oh really? I think I am seeing as how I am a translator. I’ll leave you be so you can pull your foot out of your mouth


  10. 2gay2play2day says:


    You don’t have a “Staff”-site here, so I didn’t know you were part of the staff.


  11. CybeastGregarX says:

    I can’t believe I missed a great party. oh and the NanoFate is acting up again


  12. G says:

    Really, Satsuki, you should just ignore whiners. Answering only starts flamewars.


  13. 2gay2play2day says:

    “Have a nice weekend everyone.”
    – Make it nice ;_;

    And seems like the latest RAW’s are in Chinese, not Japanese… oh well…


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