Status Report Part 2~

Sorry about all the delay. OTL. In any case,

Chapter 24 and 25 are both in Proof Reading Process at the moment. The proofreaders are currently busy with their own lives so we could move on from the process as of now. Please be patient with us. ;A;

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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8 Responses to Status Report Part 2~

  1. CybeastGregarX says:

    Who do you think your talking to pal? I’ve been patient since I finally found this site


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    😉 We’re not going anywhere.


  3. Arthur says:

    no prob we can wait 🙂


  4. woo says:

    I don’t mind the wait ^^
    It’s no problem, take as much time you need.


  5. Sop says:

    same here. just do your best… we’ll be waiting patiently


  6. Mike says:

    I’m waiting my ass off for the release, but I can understand that you have your own lives to deal with and not just the Vivid’s translation. I can wait, but still try to be as fast as you can for the sake of your loyal fans.


  7. x4gottenx says:

    *throws a fit* ————-*freezes* *bows* “thank you for all your hard work” *skips away*


  8. CoupeSama says:

    Are you guys alright with your schoolwork or something?


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