ViVid 78 – Rewards After the Trials

Nanoha ViVid 78_preview.jpg

A new volume opens up. The trials are over and it’s time for our girls to get their prizes.

Nanoha ViVid 78

MEGA | Torrent | Dynasty-Scans

Translation: Kinsei
Scans: CrazyHat
Proofreading: Sestuna F. Seiei, cthulhudpc, KiraWing
Editing: Ice
QC: Sestuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic
Saint King: Satsunyan
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13 Responses to ViVid 78 – Rewards After the Trials

  1. I like the respect Claire and Micaiah have for each other after the fights they had.

    Those were some interesting treasures they got at the end.

    I did like those team jerseys though, I thought they looked good on them.

    Looking forward to the next chapter.


  2. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    But why did Miura get a jersey when she belongs to a different team? I doubt Vita would be happy they poached one of her kids.


  3. CybeastGregarX says:

    Setsuna, you forgot Vivid Strike, did you? And it was confirmed that during Vivid that Miura will switch to Nove’s teachings since the Yagami dojo is more suitable for teaching kids and Miura is far more experienced to stick to the Yagami dojo teachings.


  4. Setsuna F Seiei says:

    I know, but at no point do we see her officially get adopted into the team nor do they even acknowledge it.


  5. willrennar says:

    The look on Rio’s face when they find the “treasure” is just priceless.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Random Fan says:

    The joke on the credits page certainly rang very true. ^_^ They should be very grateful for that. ^_^ Awesome work, thanks for the new chapter! ^_^


  7. art248 says:

    Nicely done. Thanks for this chapter


  8. Random Fan says:

    Has something happened within Vivid Translations? Or is it just a matter of people being on vacation?


  9. Vivid Fan says:

    When the next chapter update ?


  10. PrimeSonic says:

    Some of our crew were out on vacation. We will resume soon. Probably some time next week. Sorry about that.


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    Once I know for sure, I will post an update on that.


  12. Random Fan says:

    Ah, okay. If it’s vacation time that’s fine, tis the season to be on vacation and enjoying the beach rather than translating manga issues. ^_^


  13. Vivid Fan says:

    Thank’s for the information.


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