ViVid 73 – Joining the Trials


The girls are still in the caves but it won’t be just them for long. Whether they had it easy or rough, they’re about to get an extra dose of training. The action continues in

Nanoha ViVid 73

Translation: Kinsei
Scans: CrazyHat
Proofreading: Sestuna F. Seiei, cthulhudpc, KiraWing
Editing: Ice
QC: Sestuna F. Seiei
Project Lead: PrimeSonic
Saint King: Satsunyan
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3 Responses to ViVid 73 – Joining the Trials

  1. yoyo says:

    thank you very much!


  2. Thank You 🙂

    This chapter was a lot of fun and excitement.

    Claire vs Micaiah is already turning into a great battle.

    Nove VS Einhart & Rio should also be good to watch.

    Vivio & Muira are struggling but I am sure they will bounce back.


  3. Random Fan says:

    Much awesome in the new issue, looking very much forward to #74. ^_^


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