ViVid Strike Vol 3 – Thank you Ron

The third volume of the ViVid Strike bluray is cooked and done. And thanks to Ron, the new OVA is subbed and the bonus comic scanlated. Enjoy in both 720 and 1080p flavors.


[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 3 (720p BDRip x264 AAC)
Includes 05.75 OVA + 09.5 Comic


[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 3 (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC)
Includes 05.75 OVA + 09.5 Comic

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10 Responses to ViVid Strike Vol 3 – Thank you Ron

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    In the manga it’s girls relaxing in Alpine family hot springs and the New Girl massaging Fuka before Fuka’s fight with Rinne while she is training for it. It’s mostly devoid of new content and I feel it’s there for fan service what with Fuka almost dropping the towel she is wrapped in and such. I think they have Harry’s hair color wrong, it’s too light. At least I think it’s Harry, since she doesn’t look/feel like Lutecia.

    The OVA has more content. It is set before the Winter cup and covers Victoria meeting with Nove and Samurai girl? (Mira?) and them talking about Victoria and Sig and teasing Victoria about how much she behaves like a mother. Nove also comments on how people consider her and Jill’s views to be opposite what with Nove supposedly saying training is what matters and she is annoyed by that since she said no such thing etc.
    Then Victoria goes back to her gym (Frontier) to train a bit since she is hoping to be able to take on and defeat Sig (ha in your dreams) and meets Jill and later Rinne. Rinne talks a bit and Victor even prods he about Fuka. Rinne even tries to provoke Victoria to fight her even though Vic is not there to train hard since she is on her resting phase, but I have a feeling that particlar part was Jill’s idea.
    In the end we close with a look back on the going in the Nakajima gym and where Fuka is now.

    In general OVA was good if not for more attempts to show how gosh darn awesome Rinne is. I do think some of this should have been included in the show, to make it actually about Rinne and Fuka. The manga showcases the problem with the show where, in the dictionary at the end of the book, most of the characters are characterized not by their relation to the supposed leads but by their relation to Vivio.

    Oh and I tried to see using GTranslate if there is something in that dictinary that might be interesting. WARNING LOOOSE “translation”:

    Vivio の試合での。 18 才ごろの姿を先取りで再現。
    長身と長いリーチに恵まれた体格を、 ボデイスーツとジャケツトで覆つたスタイル。

    Contestant Vivio. Reproduction shows her anticipated appearance at the age of 18. Her physique is blessed with height and long reach, and her figure is covered with a bodysuit and jacket. Kinetic vision and strong spatial awareness of her “eyes”, avoidance/defense tehniques learned through practice and precision blows allow her to fight using counter attacks.

    Sacred Heart
    Vivio の愛機。自律行動型インテリジエントデバイス。
    Vivio’s favorite. Intelligent device of the autonomous behaviour type. Has a polite and tends to bow when greeting people.

    Profile: ヴィヴィオの友人
    Vivio の昔から友人で、ナカジマジムー同の試合には応援に駆けつける優しい少女。
    Profile: Vivio’s friend
    Vivio’s friend from long time ago, a gentle girl, who has come to cheer for the matches of the Nakajima gym members. Church and Nakajima gymers treasure her like a princess and love her.

    Chante Apinion (wasn’t she Chantez?)
    Profile: DSAA総合魔法戦競技選手聖王教会シスター
    Profile: DSAA Saint King Church sister Comprehensive? Magical Battle competitor
    ナカジマジ ムー同と交流がありヴィヴィオと特に仲良し。
    Has met Nakajima gym members before and is particulary friendly with Vivio.
    Calls Vivio “Majesty” as a nickname.
    Even though she has a happy go lucky personality, she is serious about being a competitor and being a proper sister too.

    Sister Sein
    Profile: 聖王教会シスター
    Profile: Saint King Church Sister
    Shante’s fellow Sister of the “Saint King Church”. Allthough she is not dirrectly related to the competition, she is visiting Nakajima gym and the game venue as Chante’s companion and Ixy’s attendant.


  2. 4th Dimension says:

    Oh, how rude of me. I forgot to thank Ron for this. Thank you Ron.
    I might not like the Strike but it’s nice to see that other people, apart from the crew of Vivid translation of course, care to translate Nanoha stuff.

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  3. Jest says:

    forgive me for asking, but when can we expect V04 and I assume that’s the last volume right?


  4. 4th Dimension says:

    I think he was asking for this Strike content that Ron does and not Vivid. Ron isn’t part of the Vivid translation group right so you probably don’t know.


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    My mistake, I thougth that read “V14” which is the ViVid volume we just started. Whoops.


  6. Jest says:

    Well I’m asking since Ron is already done isn’t he?


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    There is still one more volume to go. I haven’t seen rips of Volume 4 yet suggesting that it isn’t out yet.

    But we’ll be keeping an eye out and when Ron does his release, we’ll be sharing that here.


  8. Thank you very much for this Ron 🙂


  9. Jest says:

    I see, that´s good to hear. Guess I gotta stay a little bit more patient.


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