Need more ViVid Strike? Ron has you covered!

With the ViVid Strike blurays being released, there’s a little more content out there for those who wanted to sink their teeth into more ViVid Strike. Once again, just like with the Nanoha ViVid anime, Ron comes to the rescue with these and more. For those of you who don’t regularly check Nyaa for new releases, here’s what you’ve been missing so far.

If you’re looking for the episode 5.5 OVA, look no further than volume 2.

[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 2 (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC) Includes 05.5 OVA + 02.5 Comic

[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 2 (720p BDRip x264 AAC) Includes 05.5 OVA + 02.5 Comic

And just to be thorough, let’s not forget that the clean title sequences and OST were made available in Ron’s volume 1 release.

[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 1 (1080p BDRip Hi10 FLAC) Includes 03.5 Comic + OST

[ron] Vivid Strike! – Volume 1 (720p BDRip x264 AAC) Includes 03.5 Comic + OST

And one last little batch of goodies. These aren’t all strictly ViVid Strike related but were shared in Ron’s original ViVid Strike releases and are now compiled into one place.

[ron] Vivid Strike! 01-12 (BATCH) + Extras

These include links to Nanoha doujins, official Picture Dramas (think short drama CDs but with at least some visuals), the Nanoha ViVid anime bluray rips, and actual subs and audio for the Nanoha Movie 1st character cometary track. An impressive collection of Nanoha goodies by any standard.

As always, Ron is one magnificent benefactor to Nanoha fans everywhere. Make sure to leave a kind word of thanks as you click those links. There’s a lot to enjoy here so get to it. We’ll be keeping an eye out for when volume 3 hits. Until then, we’ll be waiting patiently and sending our thanks to Ron for going that extra mile.

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10 Responses to Need more ViVid Strike? Ron has you covered!

  1. 4th Dimension says:

    The Volume 2 also includes part two of the Vivid Strike comic.

    The comic is about Jill. It’s set a year after Rinne started training so it might be happening year before the first episode. It’s an episode of Harry and Vic (who are apparently members of the same gym where Jill is the coach?!?) heaping praises on her. Sooooo I hurled a bit in my mouth.

    The OVA is more fun, it shows what show should have shown, that is Fuka getting better. It also lets Corona and Rio of their leash as they do mixed magic match (meaning one where they can actually use their powers) vs Fuka to show her how better she needs to get. because she was getting a bit full of herself because she was finally able to beat Corona (of all people) in a fistfight.

    Basically watch the OVA and if you want to get mad read the comic.

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  2. 4th Dimension says:

    Oh and yeah, big props to Ron for doing all of this, when the interest in the series is sort of waning.
    Now if we could get someone to translate the Movie 2nd commentary, AND patch the PSP games to have English subtitles (or even subtitle videos of cutscenes of at least the second one) that would be swell.


  3. Kinsei says:

    It was mentioned in passing that Victor and Harry were part of Frontier Gym. I forget which episode(s), but I think it was brought up a couple of times. The only one I remember off-hand was when the two of them mentioned being coached by Jill at some point and how grueling her training regimens were.

    The OVA was so good, though. It just reinforced how badly I wished Vivid Strike had had more mixed magical combat. My favorites, Corona and Rio, just shine so much more brightly in that rule set.

    And yeah, many props to Ron. Nice not to have to wait for the “eventually” raw releases and to take a little work off my shoulders.

    …Gah, and thanks for reminding me that I STILL need to go back and play the PSP games at some point. Pity I don’t have any knowledge of data mining or patching PSP roms (not that that stopped me with subbing Vivid Strike, I guess), otherwise I’d look more into that.

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  4. 4th Dimension says:

    I just got both games (totally legal versions) to work on emulator and first one was relatively fun. Couldn’t understand anything that was being said but combat ain’t too bad, but than again I played Nanoha and I think she is kind of Easy mode. Still the last fight vs Stern was extra fun simply because the music kicked in and it was a proper beamspam battle no barbaric meleee (where I’m terrible since I have like 0 reflexes).

    Considering how good the story in Gears of Destiny is (according to the synopsis I’m actually thinking of trying to see if I can figure out how to change the subtitles. There are hints online on how the decoding of pac files is supposed to be done, but even with me being a programmer it would be rough.

    But, extensive data mining might not be necessary in case of Gears of Destiny I think, because back in the day the Chinese made their own patch and even offered the tools to one interested person:
    Nothing came out of it, probably because the person who took up the project found it was a lot of work. The link to the tools is dead, buuuuut the site of the patcher is apparently still active, so someone who knows Chinese could probably reacquire them.


  5. 4th Dimension says:

    There is one possible way of bringing the story of the games to those that don’t know Japanese that doesn’t involve modding the game itself. Recording the cut scenes (and possibly some of the game play (the matches are short ~2 minutes)), adding English subtitles and uploading it all to Youtube.

    I have been experimenting with that, with the parts of the games we do have some translations (the paths of the three Aces in The Battle of Aces was translated by fans), they are not stellar, but the results aren’t bad:

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  6. Anonymous says:

    does THE first volume include the “starry wish” song?


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    The OSTs released with the blurays were all BGM tracks. I suspect the theme songs were released on a single, as they tend to be.


  8. Pastrana says:

    any place where i can download it?


  9. Excuse me, do you have relevant CD “Summer Time Vacance Songs”? And that nobody uploaded it.


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