Vivid Strike! – Coming this October

vividstrike-bg01So is live and with it we get a tease of a likely Vivid spin-off series from the mind of Masaki Tsuzuki produced by Seven Arcs.

For more details hit up the announcement post on ANN.
For insights head over to Satsuki’s second home at Seiyuuri.

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15 Responses to Vivid Strike! – Coming this October

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    Sounds interesting. I hope someone picks it up.


  2. Random Fan says:

    Very interesting. They did not say it was a “new” series either completely. And Einhart has Teo on her arm. So even if it isn’t a continuation properly, it’s potentially properly in canon with it.


  3. PrimeSonic says:

    That’s not Einhart or Tio in the picture.
    While we will likely be seeing Vivo and Einhart in this series, this girl in the teaser art is someone new.


  4. Random Fan says:

    *rubs eyes and looks again* Okay, yeah, someone new. *sigh* Not really what I wanted. Unless it is something, as Seyuuri mentions, it’s a direct sequel with a couple new characters. Still, with ViVid in the title, it should be Vivio’s show still, not a “Brand new star” or whatever was implied on ANN. I hope.


  5. itanshi says:

    I’m confused, are they not continuing where they left off? Seems early to do this

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  6. Fruit says:

    My theory is though that she might have connection or even relation. White leopards were being bred in Shutra (Claus’s country) and that barrier jacket has elements matching Claus and Einhart.
    Maybe Einhart’s family fimaly makes appearance? Or something else like that.

    BTW, the new characters/actresses are listed first and they do the OP/ED. That might mean they are going to be the main stars and that the Vivid girls will only be minor characters.


  7. Boss Joe says:

    According to updates on ANN some cast members have been revealed including returning VA’s for returning characters.


  8. art248 says:

    Hmm interesting.
    Interesting to find out how the actual story will pan out, seems related yet at the same time not quite.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Main character name straight from car, Fuuka Reventon from Lamborghini aReventon and her supposedly friend Berlinetta from a sport car under the same name. I truly looking forward for this new series although in the same time having a bad feeling tha Tsuzuki wanted to depart from both Nanoha Takamachi and Force continuity completely.


  10. Anon says:

    i think, it’s not about Tsuzuki depart from nanoha. Maybe it’s about Yukarin leaving kings record. I’m really sad, when i didn’t found nanofate in the character list, and they use new seiyuu to sing the OP and ED.


  11. PrimeSonic says:

    Awesome news. I’ll make a proper post on this later tonight.


  12. Random Fan says:

    Good to hear. ^_^


  13. Lycan says:

    Could it be Ix?


  14. Vivio says:

    First trailer is coming out 😄


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