Quick update: InnocentS chapter 3

Just a reminder to not forget about Nanoha InnocentS.
Chapter 3 was recently released over at A Little Drop.
Are you ready to see little Subaru and Teana team up for the first time?

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3 Responses to Quick update: InnocentS chapter 3

  1. I read the chapter, and rainbows are STILL straighter then Subaru. I cannot wait to see the expression on Teanna’s face when she and everyone learns that Subaru is a girl and not a boy. xD


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    No kidding. 😛
    Will they continue to be partners even after the game is over? I can only hope.


  3. If this is gonna be like StrikerS then yes, but Teanna will continue her tsundere and abusiveness towards Subaru just like in the show.


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