We’re not dead. We’re getting release ready.

Just a quick update to let everyone wondering where the heck we’ve been know that we’re still doing things behind the scenes. Expect a release this week.

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8 Responses to We’re not dead. We’re getting release ready.

  1. Fruit says:

    Thanks for the announcement 🙂
    I look forward those coming chapters, wondering if Subaru/Dieci/Wendi get some info about why Einhart lives alone, when they visit. (Don’t spoil people, I’ll wait to read it, whenever that time comes).


  2. CrimsonDX says:

    Good to see you all are alive. Looking forward to the update.


  3. guy says:

    I managed to parley talking about Nanoha into a database class project.

    This involved typing

    ‘Western’,’Mid-Childa’,’Front Line Aggressor’,’Combat Cyborg’,’F’

    a lot, since I have poor decision-making skills and decided to use the Numbers as one of the things I did a sample query relating to.

    Also, of the characters I entered, 22 are female and 1 is male. Fairly accurate representation of the overall demographics, I must say.


  4. guy says:

    I got to point at screenshots and say, “As you can see, Nanoha and Teana both use Cross Fire Shoot, so spells and casters need to be in a many-to-many relation”


  5. PrimeSonic says:

    As a software dev, this got a chuckle out of me. 😛


  6. PrimeSonic says:

    Got one coming tonight with another for after the weekend.
    Which is which or what they are will just have to stay a surprise.


  7. Random Fan says:

    Awesome news, look forward to the new releases. ^_^


  8. Kaarme says:

    Yes, as I understood it, the news of your death were greatly exaggerated.

    We don’t need too many deaths in the Nanoha universe, I’d say. Just a select few for a better dramatic effect.


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