ViVid 54 – History was sweeter than we knew

ViVid54_previewAn entire chapter dedicated to the lives of Olivie, Clause, and Jeremiah. Things were looking pretty nice for a while. We’ll see more of what was happening between Clause and Olivie, and we finally discover Jeremiah’s secret.

So apologies for the wait but here we go, it’s time for…

Nanoha ViVid 54 – King of the Throne

Translator: Kinsei
Raw Scanner & Cleaner: CrazyHat
Proofreaders: Kira Wing, Cthulhudpc
Typesettor: Setsuna F. Seiei
Project Leader: PrimeSonic
Saint King & QC: Satsuki Takahashi

We’re still looking for additional hands for help with raw cleaning and redrawing. If you’re an artist and want to work on Nanoha ViVid, please drop us a line on our contact page.

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11 Responses to ViVid 54 – History was sweeter than we knew

  1. CrimsonDX says:

    Wait…Jeremiah is…. woah, I was not expecting that. Awesome chapter, and thank you for another release. I am looking forward to the next update 😀


  2. Fruit says:

    Yay, thanks a lot!


  3. Rikkochi says:

    Arigatou gozaimassu. x3


  4. Wanderer says:

    This IS Nanoha, after all. Statistically speaking, powerful characters are overwhelmingly… that, rather than the other option. 😉


  5. LHK says:

    Many thanks! 🙂


  6. CybeastGregarX says:

    Umm, where are the previous 5 chapters? I’ve not seen any updates til this popped up.


  7. PrimeSonic says:

    You probably missed them since we were posting a lot about the anime lately. But you can always check the Nanoha ViVid category from the sidebar for all the related posts.
    The chapters aren’t going to be added to the Download Archive until we re-release them with our own high res scans.


  8. CybeastGregarX says:

    I see, how’s that working by the way?


  9. PrimeSonic says:

    We’re still trying to keep things moving forward. It’s taking all we have to keep the main series from getting another crazy delay like last time. It’s why we’ve still been looking for a new raw cleaner for the better part of a year now.


  10. CybeastGregarX says:

    Oh, I hope you find a good cleaner soon. If I was good at that stuff I’d volunteer, but I suck at that kind of editing. Maybe you should put hiring ads on more then just this forum and expand to other sites to look for someone who can do the job.


  11. satsunyan says:

    My glory of being Saint King is now out in the open.


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