Nanoha ViVid OP ED and Henshin

A few (LQ) clips from the new Nanoha ViVid anime have surfaced now that the show is officially airing. Have a first look at what’s in store.

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18 Responses to Nanoha ViVid OP ED and Henshin

  1. guy says:

    Looks pretty nice.

    Unfortunately, no one has announced a simulcast yet. Any leads on possible fansub groups?


  2. PrimeSonic says:

    No word I’ve gotten on simulcasts or subs or any kind.
    The raws are already floating around Tokyo Toshokan so if you’re real hardcore and just have to see it no matter what, you can.
    If you’re familiar with the manga, you’ll be able to follow along well enough, at least for the first episode as far as I can tell.


  3. CrimsonDX says:

    I really hope someone actually subs this ;__;


  4. PrimeSonic says:

    Me too. My Japanese is only good enough to not feel completely lost on the general topic of the conversation.
    Either that or my brain is really good at making up what it thinks the dialog is about and convincing me of it.


  5. Nightzin says:

    For people who can understand spanish, there’s a sub version in


  6. PrimeSonic says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this!
    These are hard-subs, so there’s still some value in obtaining the raw footage.
    For now, at least I know I’ll be watching this again.


  7. art248 says:

    looks pretty ok.
    now we need to wait and see who will sub this. else gonna wait to buy the dvds. might still b buying anyway even if subs are out lol


  8. PrimeSonic says:

    Might have better luck after it finishes airing and all the raws are available to the fansubbers.


  9. Vivio says:

    i saw anon sub the first volume. not certain if he would sub the subsequent volume though. i still hope this series getting simulcasted, picked, fansubbed and later licensed so i can also purchase the blu-ray collection box.


  10. PrimeSonic says:
    Here’s the link for those wondering. The question is, will they continue with each episode or not?


  11. Vivio says:

    I hope they continue though. Although Vivio is not personally sure if Lyrical Nanoha franchise do even have enough fanbase to have fansubber and/ or licensor to pick them up. One of its sponsor is Aniplex so hopefully it would be given a chance to reach popularity similar to other series though.


  12. Silvio Nascimento says:



  13. Nightzin says:

    Update: animebaka made an english version


  14. CybeastGregarX says:

    Yeah, cause Spanish subs spawn faster then breeding rabbits.


  15. CybeastGregarX says:

    If only Coldlight was still around, I’m sure they would have taken up this beautiful anime no problem.


  16. CrimsonDX says:

    Hell yes! Guys, looks like FFF just released a version. Downloading now to ascertain quality :3


  17. Fruit says:

    It looks pretty good, subs-wise (I’d suggest it over the anon version, it is substantially better even if often liberal). Besides using “High Queen Ingvalt” instead of Hegemon :>


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