Oriental Sacred Place Chapters 17 – 18 Raws?

Kinsei left a message asking if anyone knows where to get the raws for these chapters (so we can finish the series =D).

I’ve noticed that a few people have expressed interest in this manga and has been following it for quite a while. Maybe you guys know where to get them? It would be very much appreciated!!

— Satsuki

About orange03

I am an avid fan of YukaNana I mean, Tamura Yukari and Mizuki Nana. And of course the whole franchise of the Nanoha series, and most importantly NanoFate.
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13 Responses to Oriental Sacred Place Chapters 17 – 18 Raws?

  1. pete says:

    media fire has pretty mutch every chapter, but in spanish


  2. cucuc says:

    Someone at the Chinese board, Baidu, has scanned them.


  3. cucuc says:

    Chapter 17 starts at the 4th post.

    These raws are of lower quality than “pro” sources. Would it be difficult to work on them?


  4. localhost says:

    It seems that my comment from a few days ago is still under moderation and I am not sure if anyone seemed to check it at all. Anyway, here is an example of a page scanned from chapter 18: bit.ly/IzPx1C

    If you wish to use these, let me know…


  5. orange03 says:

    Hello there, localhost-san.
    Can you please upload the rest of your scans of Chapter 17 and 18 of OSP?


  6. orange03 says:

    Hello~ I’m sorry for the late reply. I replied to it in private now. If you didn’t get it… can I please have the raw scans for 17 and 18 of OSP?


  7. localhost says:

    It isn’t a problem at all. I sent you the scans to the email associated to your account I think. (vividtrans gmail)


  8. grgspunk says:

    Here are the raws, straight from the Touhou Wiki:

    Ch 17: http://www.mediafire.com/?7407413k3iy1ib2
    Ch 18: http://www.mediafire.com/?kimczzt7e5z5cz2


  9. orange03 says:

    Thank you very much! We can finally finish the series! 🙂
    However, do you have 16 as well? 🙂


  10. grgspunk says:

    Here’s Ch 16:


    You weren’t working on this chapter?


  11. orange03 says:

    We were, but for some odd reason we couldn’t get any raws for 16 – 18. We’re off to editing then! Thank you!


  12. grgspunk says:

    So how’s the work coming? It’s been nearly a month and we haven’t heard anything regarding OSP…


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